Azhar Park (Part i)

June 2015

It was one of those days when I sleep after Fajr and wake up mid afternoon. That day was no exception.

Except that it was scorching hot. Like hawt, kinda hawt. Not the usual just hot.

I was rolling around when Shafa and Aisyah just got home from school.

We were debating whether or not we should go out. Ok, no. I, was debating. Both of them were determined to maximise my trip and bring me out.

So they did. They dragged me out to a park, in the middle of the day, during Ramadhan, to traipse around under the clear sky and hot sun.


Who, in the world would go to a park while fasting!? Never mind the crazy people that suggested the idea. The crazier person is the one who agrees to that idea – me.

Sigh, my marbles and I.

Thank God it was rewarding. It is such, a, park.



Look at that glistening water tempting all those who are fasting.

I’m usually not tempted by food or drinks when fasting but that day. That day was super hot and dry that it temporarily turned me into a child.

Pictorial tips on spotting asian:





We look for shade. Hehe. I’m VERY sure I’m not the only one. Hehehe.

As we were walking on the course, we ended up at the highest vista point overlooking Muhammad Ali mosque in/and Citadel (blogged here).


Just realise looking at this picture, how big Citadel is!



To be continued…


🌎: Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt.

📷: Aisyah.

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