complimentary loss

Warning: Post is image heavy.

Prior and post winter break, I had intensive workshop session in the uni.


I had to redo my entire project scheme which means new physical model and all. I’m telling you, it’s no joke.

But it was fun.

The last time I spent a good amount of time in a workshop was during my secondary school days in DnT class. Even in my 3 years of Diploma, the total amount of time I spent in the workshop is less than 30 mins.

The physical model for project was to be made in life size so there’s no way I can make and/or assemble it at home. Camped in the workshop area too long that now, I know all the workshop staff, student monitors, cleaners and security guard in charge of that floor. *fistbump*

Safe to say, this project catapulted me out of my comfort zone and now I’m pretty much comfortable in all the workshops. The bandsaw is my bestfriend. #fyi.

(Birthday coming up. Hint. Hint.)

Anywho, thought I’d share the model that I was working on. It is an art installation.

Here goes nothing.


Trust me… This thing has been in the workshop throughout the entire time I was working on its other parts and everytime I come in, I immediately know which bench is mine. The colours just scream, ‘THIS IS AQILAH’S WORKING AREA!’

So ostentatious this Aqilah. *flipsshawl*

From the above, it progressed to this,




and last but not least,



I literally screamed (a little) as I finished gluing the last orange leaf. Don’t worry. It was night and there was no one there.

Problem wasn’t that model. It was this….


The model in a bigger scale (bigger scale = smaller model).

They are very very small and fiddly. Each leaf is so small that it’s smaller than the size of your pinky’s nail.


My eyes kept crossing as I was threading them. Gahhh… I was cursing at my self as I was making this. Tried to come out with so many excuses to not do this but if the laser cut machine made the effort to cut it out nicely, how can I be ungrateful right?

Architecture students have a lot of big models which we leave in uni because no taxi will accept us and our plus one (model). When we leave it in uni, it means displaying them anywhere we see there is space.

Probably a week and a half later, as I was passing the corridor which I left my model at, I could only find the white base. The colourful piece was missing.

Husnozhon in me went, ‘Someone must’ve borrowed it by mistake. Surely the person will return it soon.’

Yeah right…. Few months later and no sign of it. Sighhh……

I took it as a compliment that someone actually likes my work to not return it back to me.

My tutor was slightly taken aback when I told him about it. He reassures me that it means a good thing. Reminding me that, ‘good artists copy great artists steal‘.

Somewhere. Someone in this world is turning into a great artist thanks to stealing my model. My life as a designer is complete guys. Bahahahaha.


Halal kan je laaaaaa (Gonna let this slide).



Happy that the real life size model is still in the classroom. That’s good enough for me.

I hope I won’t see the other model in any dustbin anytime soon.