short circuit

There’s just something about being on period.

I’m not referring about the cramps, backaches and hunger pangs.

Maybe it’s just me, y’know, 6000 words essay induces great amount of stress on my brain neurons, if there’s any at all left.


But I’m pretty sure some girls out there get this – the brain just cuckoos a little.

Had a date (meeting) with my tutor today and prior, I head to city centre to get my essentials.

–In Uni–


Tutor: How you?

Me: *with watery eyes* Smiles* Nods*

Tutor: That time huh?

*in head* JYEAHHH… That time. That that, that that time. THAT THAT THAT THAT TIME YO*

Me: Yup. The essay nerve’s crawling in.

During that meeting, there were two conversations going on simultaneously – for me.

I was talking with my tutor and having personal conversation with my self at the same time.

My head just went, ‘Noob! You didn’t buy your flippin pad!’

Immediately my body swayed towards my bag, ready to leave for the store, while we were having last few words.

I didn’t mean to be rude but the inner voice has spoken and taken control. Bahahaha.

Tutor: Any last few words? Anything you wanna bring up?

Me: *taken aback tryna find any fault, but there was none.* Err, nope. Sorry.

Tutor: Sokayy… Doesn’t have to have anything.

My face probably went into panicked mode when he asked that question. *smacks head*

After my date, I dashed back to the departmental store with heightened sense of focus.

Period brain is when your brain goes into short circuit mode and doesn’t function properly.

For example, you buy this when you were supposed to get pads.


Tsk. Tsk.

But whatevs, I’m in a happy place.

*tears Kinder Bueno packet*

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