passionate twerps


Back in Diploma days, we played pranks on one another especially via computers, like freezing their screen and videoing the owner of the computer’s reaction. The entire class would conspire with one another. T’was funny, I tell you. (To my classmates: Remember the black dog hound virus prank? Bahahaha) Other jokes as well. Bah good memories.

Nuff memory lane. Back to current crisis.

All I did was leave my belongings (including this laptop) on level 2 for design feedback/consultation on level 4.

Instead of staying back to carry on doing work in uni, I decided to pack my bag and head home. By then, this computer has went to sleep mode whilst waiting for me.

Tsk. Such impatience.

When I switched my laptop back at home, this was IN. MY. FAYCE.


After gasping, loudly, my head went, ‘Ah…. Karma got right back at me.’

Sucha weak prank, sheesh! If it were me, I’d probably do something worst. Bahahaha

Look at these twerps checking on every aspect of my life. Not just meaningless prank, y’feel me?

Let’s see… We’ve got 1) well-being, 2) academic related and most importantly, 3) religion related. They reminded me to pray. Awwwwwwwww. *clasp palms*

When your non-muslim friends reminds you to pray. LOL.

Look at the bottom right.

‘Hi Aqilah, You look so bright today.’

Puhleaseee…. *flipsshawl*


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