somewhere colourful

So…. I’m feeling under the weather today. The somber mood makes it worse.

Gonna crank my sanity level up with this memory.


As we were making our way up to Prague castle, we passed this open area and the pastel buildings caught my eyes.


Look at the buildings and the colours, people!

I mean… LOOK. AT. IT.

One of the first places I’ve been to with colourful buildings was Burano Island in Venice. The buildings were so bright and colourful that it shouts for your attention. But this…. very muted, calming and has its own charm.

I did what any narcissist who loves colours and buildings do.






Boy it was soo cold that day but the view compensates errthang.

I’ll leave you with two scenic views.




🌎: Prague, Czech Republic

Gonna pop some pills and hit the sack. Till next post, which is your favourite background colour? ☺️


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