Thankful Thursday

Feels weird to be home at this time (6.22pm).

For the past few weeks, I’ve been camping in uni. Every odd days I’ll say, ‘Let’s go home early today. Have a good rest and be back bright and early tomorrow.’

Didn’t happen.

10.30pm is as early as it gets (leaving school).

Had presentation today. So yesterday, after a good guilty sleep, I told myself, “Go to uni. Take pictures of models, go home and prepare the slides.”

Yeah sure.

Started packing my bag only at 11pm.

Ada je tau kerja nak kene buat. (There’s always something holding me back.)

As I was keeping my box on the second floor from the fourth, the announcement (that the building’s closing) went off.

I was like, ‘You’re supposed to close at midnight!’

My bad. It was already 11.30pm.

Where did time go!?!?!?!?!?


Anywho, every night when I get back, I would swing by the mail box to check for mail. Nada.

This must be how long distance relationship feels like. GAHHH!

Then, whilst in uni, I received an email from the reception that they’ve got a parcel for me.

Almost woke the security guy up that very night to collect my parcel but, ‘last minute’ is my middle name. Not ‘rude’.

So this morning, bright and early, look what came?!


Popped in the reception when the maintenance guy was still sipping his morning hot tea no less.


But first, HELLO POUNDLAND! This makcik (aunty) is coming soon!

Today: Got my card. Had a constructive feedback. Walked home when the sky was still blue, Life’s good.

Till next post, have a good start to the weekend ma peeps!

Gotta start writing my 6000 word essay.


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