Check that bucketlist! (aka Social life)

I was working in the glass workshop today, y’know channeling my energy towards a positive direction – breaking glass and cutting myself here and there all in the name of architecture.

To beat the quietness of the workshop (I was the only student there for the entire day), I chatted with a new staff to pass the time.

Jumping from one topic to another (girls, heh), she asked me, “So what do you do on weekends? Do you have social life?”

Adussss akak…

Architecture students are keyboard warriors.

Species type: Nocturnal and Diurnal.

We think twice to sleep.

Social Life?

Sure. Haveeeee~~~~

Me: I get together with my friend staying in another studio and we let ourselves loose in Tesco. The Big Tesco. We spend a good three hours or more in that place.

Staff: Oh! Bless you.


Talking about Tesco, this reminds me….


The other day I managed to check one item off my Bucketlist.











Going to supermarket at night or in the morning in PJs.

Bless me. I know. *flipsshawl*

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