Check that bucketlist! (aka Social life)

I was working in the glass workshop today, y’know channeling my energy towards a positive direction – breaking glass and cutting myself here and there all in the name of architecture.

To beat the quietness of the workshop (I was the only student there for the entire day), I chatted with a new staff to pass the time.

Jumping from one topic to another (girls, heh), she asked me, “So what do you do on weekends? Do you have social life?”

Adussss akak…

Architecture students are keyboard warriors.

Species type: Nocturnal and Diurnal.

We think twice to sleep.

Social Life?

Sure. Haveeeee~~~~

Me: I get together with my friend staying in another studio and we let ourselves loose in Tesco. The Big Tesco. We spend a good three hours or more in that place.

Staff: Oh! Bless you.


Talking about Tesco, this reminds me….


The other day I managed to check one item off my Bucketlist.











Going to supermarket at night or in the morning in PJs.

Bless me. I know. *flipsshawl*

good times


To the woman who grew with me, fight with me, get in trouble with me, be my alibi, my all time soulmate (halal version), the past 17 years have been nothing but good times – even when we’re slamming down phones and our house’s gate when we were angry, those late night bedtime call till one of us fall asleep that’d make lovers jealous of us compensate all those. Chehbah!

Happy Hatch Day me love! We’re nevvah old.

Now that I think about it….why did we even talk for 5 hours on the phone when we’ve chat as we slept on the corridor? Hmmmm. *strokes imaginary beard*

Fun’s Over

So during the No WiFi crisis, I wanted to get this tweed jacket at H&M. Had I got WiFi, I could probably still hold myself back. Distract myself with cat videos and whatnot.

Trust me. When you have no Wifi, you try to compensate your misery in thousand other ways.

You know how much I LOVEEEEE jackets right?

With 20% student discount, I was so ready to head to the mall or get it online only to realise I didn’t have my wallet with me.

Spring cleaned my entire house in search for that small purse and yep. No whiff of it. Not even a glimpse of the shadow of the wallet.

Naturally, I started panicking.

Aside from having cash that could last me a month, debit and credit cards, membership cards and whatnot, it had my Singapore IC (Identification Card).

After calling the last store I was at and confirming that they didn’t receive any wallet, I called the banks to cut all my cards.

I called so many people, okay, fine. About 5 calls. For someone who doesn’t like calling people, unless ordering food, that is a lot of people! This is exclusive my dad.

Note: Hey Pops! If by any chance you happen to stumble upon this blog and this post, I just wanna let you know that I didn’t mean to put you last. I just wanted to make sure that I’ve been thorough and do the necessary so I can minimise the things you need to do.


Trust me. I understand whoever found my wallet and not returning it. It was so pretty. *flipsshawl*

The days leading to this loss, I’ve been reading ‘Reclaim your Heart’ book by Yasmin Mogahed.

One of the chapter was about loss and dealing with it and more.

Dealing with inner peace time after time made me realise that God tests us for two reason.

  • He loves us.
  • He wants to see how we react to the calamity that He puts in our way (with or without warning).

Funny how I thought that ‘one day, I’ll lose my wallet and I’ll have to go through all sorts of trouble to get certain things replace and restart with a new wallet,’ scene will happen when I’m back in Singapore. Being a career girl and all.

Then BAM! It happened right now. On an unfamiliar ground. As a student. Away from home. Away from family. Away from local banks. Most importantly, depending financially on my dad.

I imagined the situation with being working and all because then, no one will be afflicted or bothered at all. It’s my loss and my trouble alone.

But who am I to predict and avoid this situation?

Before you think I’m clumsy, I usually am when it comes to maths and academic matters but not when it comes to money.

The wallet was secured in a backpack.


It is also funny how I wasn’t as sad as I would have imagined I’d be.

Realised I lost my wallet in the morning.

By afternoon, I was eating


this and laughing my belly off watching whatever I had on my hard disk.

There was hardly any frustration or anger or regrets that younger me would have.

It was a designer wallet. It had loads of cash. Double happiness for the one who found it. Literally.

But really, it was not about the “designer” wallet or the “lost cash” that I was most upset about.

The wallet has a sentimental value. For someone special. For that special someone whose no longer around.

But hey! I always believe that when ‘He puts you to it, He will put you through it’.

No way. No way will He leave you alone.

Afterall, it was an attachment that He probably wanted me to get rid off.


I’d like to share this excerpt from the book ‘Reclaim your heart’ by Yasmin Mogahed:

And when such people feel trapped by life, by financial hardship, by pain, by loneliness, by fear, by heartbreak, or sadness, all they have to do is turn to Allah, and He always makes a way out for them. Know that this is not feel-good theory. It is a promise. A promise made by Allah Himself, who says in the Qur’an”

“…And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out, and He provides for Him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if any one puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him…” (Qur’an, 65:2-3)


That’s the amazing thing about the the floor of the ocean. No light reaches it.

However this dark place is not the end. Remember that the darkness of night precedes the dawn…. You can stay at the bottom, until you drown. Or you can gather pearls and rise back up – stronger from the swim and richer from the jewels.

If you seek Him, God can raise you up, and replace the darkness of the darkness of the ocean, with the light of His sun…. Know that transformation sometimes begin with a fall. So never curse the fall. The ground is where humility lives. Take it. Learn it. Live it. Breathe it in.

As Ibn ul Qayyim (ra) has said: “Satan rejoiced when Adam (peace be upon him) came out of Paradise, but he did not know that when a diver sinks into the sea, he collects pearls and then rises again.”


You can find the second edition (latest hitherto) here.


As I told my dad, (coming from a foodie family background, can you tell where this sentence is going? Hehe.) he panicked for my wellbeing going, “What about food? Do you have enough?”

Good thing is my fridge and dry pantry is stocked. To the brim.

MasyaaAllah, He even prepares me prior to losing monies and access to it.

All these reminders, boy am I glad to go through this.

Any hardship that you’re going through, may your affairs be eased.

Remember that when He puts you to it, He’ll put you through it.



RIP wallet.

No WiFi

Warning: This post is not meant for the weak/faint hearted and/or pregnant women.

Two Wednesday ago. (Three now. *gasp!*)

It’s been a loooooooooong week.

The music was on and I was chopping ingredients cooking dinner.

The music suddenly stopped.

Fine. Click on another tab with a different playlist.

I’m prepared for anything, come what may. Pfft. *blows nail.*


Turns out, that night, which was last Wednesday, the WiFi in the entire compound was disrupted.

I never felt happier to be in uni on Thursday.

Came back home in the evening and the internet was still inaccessible.

Husnuzhon aqilah. Husnuzhon. Let’s have an early night and hopefully the WiFi will come back running (in my arms) again tomorrow morning. Bright and early.

You got that service provider!? Bright and early!

~Friday morning~

Still no Internet access.

Someone please throw me in the desert! or Greenland!

I’ll gladly make sandcastles or snow angels or Olaf, while singing ‘Let it go,’ scaring the Polar bears and penguins away at the same time.

But no.

Suffer is the way to go. After rewatching few episodes of drama, my new pillow called me. So I napped. Ok let’s not lie. Almost 5 hours of sleep is no nap. I slept. In total, I slept for 16 hours.

Not entirely sure if I deserve a medal from the bed department or need to be reprimanded.

I mean I wasn’t involve in any unhealthy activities. Except for consuming to much chips and chocolates.

Just like that, my Friday’s over.


Saturday was pretty much spent reflecting my actions.

Should’ve called my baby brother when I had internet. Should’ve called my nanny. Should’ve called me dad. Elder brother’s engaged. Baby sister who? what? Should’ve download the music album. Should’ve blogged more. Should’ve done more research for design and essay. Could’ve. Should’ve. Would’ve.

Gah. Regrets, regrets.

Come evening I couldn’t keep my cool anymore. So much pent up energy (read: frustrations) that made me turn to old school fun – playing games – with my friend.

Played the always versatile ‘Pictionary’ game.

Guess what we drew, maybe?

Like honestly… GUESS IT.

Drawings by not 1 but 2(!) partially dim witted architecture students.

Answers at the bottom.


  1. Jellyfish, rabbit and that hybrid animal is a flippin’ Dugong. DUGONGGG!


I’m proud to say that that isn’t my drawing. Phew.

Sincerest apologies to the society of animal lovers.

2. Poor chicken and the main drawing, you’d never guess if I don’t tell you but that’s ‘The Mighty Harvey Specter’.


Holding Bagel in Suit.

Unfortunately I don’t know the artist. *hides face*

3. Fish and Puffer Fish. I’m telling you. If the fish family can understand humans, they’d be proud of us for including them in this game TWICE.

4. Can’t even decipher what it is. But definitely not a Komodo Dragon.


According to the artist, that is Barney the Dragon.

I know.


The theme song which goes ‘Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination…’ clearly doesn’t ring a bell to someone.

I don’t know which palm to use to facepalm. Bahahahaha

That’s not all. The real highlight is coming….

After warming our hands with drawings, we got bored of it, we played the upgraded rock paper scissors game. With a twist.

The winner gets to decorate the loser’s face.









Don’t be surprised.



















And that people! Is how we gain partial of our sanity back!

Gah… People say ‘A picture speaks a thousand word.’ There’s more than 10 here. *hides face*

What a Saturday!


Fun’s over. (Saving this for next post.)


Back in uni. Happily. I was so happy when my phone was updating all the Whatsapp conversations, Instagram and Facebook notifications.

It’s like finally your child poops after being constipated for a few days.

Thank god the WiFi was up and running by the time we got home. Phew. 😅 🙇

I really need to sound less crazy. But hey! Try living without the internet for almost a weekday.

It aged ma soul.


Till the next post, if your WiFi is down, you know what to do.

You’re welcome.


Disclaimer: Image reference from Google Images.