complimentary loss

Warning: Post is image heavy.

Prior and post winter break, I had intensive workshop session in the uni.


I had to redo my entire project scheme which means new physical model and all. I’m telling you, it’s no joke.

But it was fun.

The last time I spent a good amount of time in a workshop was during my secondary school days in DnT class. Even in my 3 years of Diploma, the total amount of time I spent in the workshop is less than 30 mins.

The physical model for project was to be made in life size so there’s no way I can make and/or assemble it at home. Camped in the workshop area too long that now, I know all the workshop staff, student monitors, cleaners and security guard in charge of that floor. *fistbump*

Safe to say, this project catapulted me out of my comfort zone and now I’m pretty much comfortable in all the workshops. The bandsaw is my bestfriend. #fyi.

(Birthday coming up. Hint. Hint.)

Anywho, thought I’d share the model that I was working on. It is an art installation.

Here goes nothing.


Trust me… This thing has been in the workshop throughout the entire time I was working on its other parts and everytime I come in, I immediately know which bench is mine. The colours just scream, ‘THIS IS AQILAH’S WORKING AREA!’

So ostentatious this Aqilah. *flipsshawl*

From the above, it progressed to this,




and last but not least,



I literally screamed (a little) as I finished gluing the last orange leaf. Don’t worry. It was night and there was no one there.

Problem wasn’t that model. It was this….


The model in a bigger scale (bigger scale = smaller model).

They are very very small and fiddly. Each leaf is so small that it’s smaller than the size of your pinky’s nail.


My eyes kept crossing as I was threading them. Gahhh… I was cursing at my self as I was making this. Tried to come out with so many excuses to not do this but if the laser cut machine made the effort to cut it out nicely, how can I be ungrateful right?

Architecture students have a lot of big models which we leave in uni because no taxi will accept us and our plus one (model). When we leave it in uni, it means displaying them anywhere we see there is space.

Probably a week and a half later, as I was passing the corridor which I left my model at, I could only find the white base. The colourful piece was missing.

Husnozhon in me went, ‘Someone must’ve borrowed it by mistake. Surely the person will return it soon.’

Yeah right…. Few months later and no sign of it. Sighhh……

I took it as a compliment that someone actually likes my work to not return it back to me.

My tutor was slightly taken aback when I told him about it. He reassures me that it means a good thing. Reminding me that, ‘good artists copy great artists steal‘.

Somewhere. Someone in this world is turning into a great artist thanks to stealing my model. My life as a designer is complete guys. Bahahahaha.


Halal kan je laaaaaa (Gonna let this slide).



Happy that the real life size model is still in the classroom. That’s good enough for me.

I hope I won’t see the other model in any dustbin anytime soon.

short circuit

There’s just something about being on period.

I’m not referring about the cramps, backaches and hunger pangs.

Maybe it’s just me, y’know, 6000 words essay induces great amount of stress on my brain neurons, if there’s any at all left.


But I’m pretty sure some girls out there get this – the brain just cuckoos a little.

Had a date (meeting) with my tutor today and prior, I head to city centre to get my essentials.

–In Uni–


Tutor: How you?

Me: *with watery eyes* Smiles* Nods*

Tutor: That time huh?

*in head* JYEAHHH… That time. That that, that that time. THAT THAT THAT THAT TIME YO*

Me: Yup. The essay nerve’s crawling in.

During that meeting, there were two conversations going on simultaneously – for me.

I was talking with my tutor and having personal conversation with my self at the same time.

My head just went, ‘Noob! You didn’t buy your flippin pad!’

Immediately my body swayed towards my bag, ready to leave for the store, while we were having last few words.

I didn’t mean to be rude but the inner voice has spoken and taken control. Bahahaha.

Tutor: Any last few words? Anything you wanna bring up?

Me: *taken aback tryna find any fault, but there was none.* Err, nope. Sorry.

Tutor: Sokayy… Doesn’t have to have anything.

My face probably went into panicked mode when he asked that question. *smacks head*

After my date, I dashed back to the departmental store with heightened sense of focus.

Period brain is when your brain goes into short circuit mode and doesn’t function properly.

For example, you buy this when you were supposed to get pads.


Tsk. Tsk.

But whatevs, I’m in a happy place.

*tears Kinder Bueno packet*

passionate twerps


Back in Diploma days, we played pranks on one another especially via computers, like freezing their screen and videoing the owner of the computer’s reaction. The entire class would conspire with one another. T’was funny, I tell you. (To my classmates: Remember the black dog hound virus prank? Bahahaha) Other jokes as well. Bah good memories.

Nuff memory lane. Back to current crisis.

All I did was leave my belongings (including this laptop) on level 2 for design feedback/consultation on level 4.

Instead of staying back to carry on doing work in uni, I decided to pack my bag and head home. By then, this computer has went to sleep mode whilst waiting for me.

Tsk. Such impatience.

When I switched my laptop back at home, this was IN. MY. FAYCE.


After gasping, loudly, my head went, ‘Ah…. Karma got right back at me.’

Sucha weak prank, sheesh! If it were me, I’d probably do something worst. Bahahaha

Look at these twerps checking on every aspect of my life. Not just meaningless prank, y’feel me?

Let’s see… We’ve got 1) well-being, 2) academic related and most importantly, 3) religion related. They reminded me to pray. Awwwwwwwww. *clasp palms*

When your non-muslim friends reminds you to pray. LOL.

Look at the bottom right.

‘Hi Aqilah, You look so bright today.’

Puhleaseee…. *flipsshawl*


somewhere colourful

So…. I’m feeling under the weather today. The somber mood makes it worse.

Gonna crank my sanity level up with this memory.


As we were making our way up to Prague castle, we passed this open area and the pastel buildings caught my eyes.


Look at the buildings and the colours, people!

I mean… LOOK. AT. IT.

One of the first places I’ve been to with colourful buildings was Burano Island in Venice. The buildings were so bright and colourful that it shouts for your attention. But this…. very muted, calming and has its own charm.

I did what any narcissist who loves colours and buildings do.






Boy it was soo cold that day but the view compensates errthang.

I’ll leave you with two scenic views.




🌎: Prague, Czech Republic

Gonna pop some pills and hit the sack. Till next post, which is your favourite background colour? ☺️


Found it!

As mentioned in my previous post, earlier, I had an Interim Review.

Reviews, Presentation – Formal or Informal, Essay Submission, Design Crit and/or Portfolio Submission and more = 80% of the students pulling an all nighter.

This means that we leave the uni groggy-er.

One conversation led to another and Ashley and I began talking about flight(s) on the way back home.

Me: Did I tell you that when I got back here (UK), my plane stopped somewhere else before Dubai? I had to stay in the plane longer than the usual 7 hours?

Ashley: Serious? Where did you stop?

Me: Can’t remember. I think it starts with ‘N’. Might be some part India. I reeeallly cannot remember.

Ashley: Omg. I’ll die if I have to stay any longer in the plane for a long flight. Nepal? Napolean? Is it a country or city?

Me: Nohhh….. A bit Nigeria-ish. Can’t remember a thing!

*continues walking in silence thinking of the mystery land*

I remembered that the place is one of the places that Mufti Menk has frequently given his lectures at.

Then the light bulb suddenly lit up!


Ashley: How in the world does that starts with ‘N’?!

Heh. ‘C’ all the way to ‘N’ …. 10 alphabets apart no less!

Ma baaaaaad!

Anyway this brought me back to this post which I mentioned how I lost two drafts that I blogged whilst in the plane.

Turns out it was buried in the many posts and I only found it recently.



The thought of 14 hour flight exclusive of layover makes me wanna… ok, let’s not go there.

So imagine this.

*At the check-in counter*

Ground Staff (GS): You do know that prior to Dubai, your plane will stopover Colombo right?

Me: Errr… nope.

GS: Yeah. It will.

She said it sooo nonchalantly. Bleargh.

Me: *in head* Ah.. No wonder on my flight itinerary, the first flight sector is 9 hours. AS IF SEVEN HOURS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.

I mean, it’s not as if I’m riding on my dad’s plane – I could make a scene for the pilot to NOT stop over Sri Lanka and charge towards Dubai.

So trust me. I died a little MORE inside at the GS’s ‘Yeah. It will.’

So here I am. Drafting this post in the plane cause I can’t get out. Feeling like a cooped chicken and it doesn’t help that I’ve yet to get a wink of sleep!

0235 Colombo = 0505 Singapore.

Trust me. Halfway through the 3ish hour ride, I wanted to rolllllll on the floor, fold myself into various yoga poses and  just rot.

Upward dog. Downward dog. Cobra. Swan. Alligator. Chimpanzee. Stegosaurus. Can somebody just turn me into a dinosaur now?

At first I be like Oh! It’s only 3 hours plus to Colombo. Should be bearable.

Shut up Aqilah! Longest 3 hours of my life (up to date).


This dude got it spot on. Couldn’t express myself any better.

Couldn’t sleep a wink as my neighbours (2 different people) had alcohol — beer-cognac-champagne — and being sensitive to smell (plus not used to being around alcohol), I was busy covering my nose and breathing rapidly to “get use” to the air.

Did I mention that three months ago on my way to Dubai, my neighbour accidentally spilt her champagne on me? My poor black pants. Never been to the loo that much in a flight.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem being around people who drink. It’s not a norm for me hence I was a little uncomfortable. Plus my concern on the soiled pants was doing my prayers.

Aside from the partial air pollution issue, I kept busy with the movie that Momski recommended and it happened to be available in-flight. Amazeball stuffs guys.

Another 5 hours before I end the FIRST LEG of this arduous journey.

Now that I’m done being a brat, back to my adult (ehem) self.

The stopover here is only approximately an hour.

It’s been an eye opening experience seeing the movement of the cabin crew and different ground staffs working on their different roles.

I’ve only heard the stories of the peril of cabin crews and other staffs from my friends and family members who were once (a) flight attendant(s).

Y’know what they say… Seeing is believing.

As I was departing (from Singapore airport), a cousin of mine said that it must be nice having the opportunity to travel/fly – non-holiday related.

I’ve always believe that I’ve been (lucky and) blessed with itchy legs which has brought me to many places I never knew I could be at at such a young age.

I genuinely supplicate that your needs (which you’ve yet to be granted with) will be granted soon and your wants be fulfilled as well.

Till the next post, someone please save me. The smell of alcohol – beer, cognac & champagne – from my neighbours from Singapore AND Colombo (YAAS…two different people!) is adding on to my headache.


Feels good to be back!