One more round!

As I was looking around for food to eat, I remembered having Udon for the ready made Laksa paste in the dry pantry.

Settle. Menu for the day: Laksa!

Eating Laksa brought me back to last Eid’s memory lane where I had my first proper bowl of Laksa.

I was kinda forced to eat it actually because the chicken rice wasn’t ready and having (actual) toddler whose height is less than 1 meter in the house running and crawling around, I can’t be a ‘baby’ guest. (read: A pain.)

It turns out good, obviously, which made me not shy away from this dish.



Smelled so good. Digged in apron on!

The place where I had my very first of Laksa, is none other then Shafa’s place.

Remember this post? It was exactly the next day, or, a few winks of sleep later.


Note: Post below drafted last Eid, August 2015 🙈!

Being away from home doesn’t stop Shafa from inviting her friends, to her SG abode for open house.

Having slept around 3am, I was thiiiiiis close, to pretend I missed the alarm and later go, ‘Oh sorry Shafa! I couldn’t wake up! I’ll just come again when you’re back or something,’ when she’ll check on us later in the day. Totally prepared to appease her with chocolates or something because woman! You live sooo far from my place!

But alas, I made it thanks to Fiqah who could make it. All that travelling, I could really use a good company. *phew*.

Processed with VSCOcam

Above: Cik (Aunty), that’s your daughter. Yeap. You can abandon her. We’ll be here to fill the void. 2 is definitely better than 1... Is what I should’ve said.


Processed with VSCOcam

Aunty with her new family. Shafa who? Egypt what?



Good food and company despite the lack of sleep = Totally worth waking up early for.

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