2016: Still the same

Assalamualaikum gang! Ssup y’all!?

How has the first few days of 2016 treated you?

This year, on 1.1.2016, something special happened, at least for me. I was with my cousin and it snowed! Briefly. Alhamdulillah nevertheless.

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As much as we’d like to stay indoor, we have to get out and explore the big Austrian city.






Aside from the snow, something else happened.

The -13°C kinda turned me into … err, Santa.

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Kinda affected my marbles as well. Made me feel like saying, ‘Make waaayyyyy, for Her Royal Highness.’ 😝








Me love me some sunshine! 😍☀

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Trust me. Same place. With and without sunlight makes a whole lot of difference. Probably 10 degree Celsius difference.


Not gonna lie. I used to make ‘New Year’s Resolution’ 10 days before New Year. Then it got to 5 days before. Then it progressed to 3 days before. Then it went to 5 minutes before the clock strikes midnight. How enthusiastic right?

3 days later I’m all, nahhh. Ain’t doing this no more.

So what I do is set myself a 5 year plan. Something more realistic.

I remembered reading an article which says that in the first three months of the year more than 50% of those who have these so called resolutions, give up.

I’m one of those. So good thing for me is, I figured what doesn’t work for me at this young age.

The 5 year plan has started sometime back and sometimes I breeze through, sometimes I slip back. But hey! at least I’ve got more than 365 days to sort it out. We all know how sometimes 24 hours a day is not enough. What I did for me is giving myself an extended 24 hours.

I mean, there’s no point in me saying, ‘I’m going to treat people better, eat healthier, be a better citizen and etc’ and all that when truth is treating people better should be a practised lifestyle. Developing healthy eating habit may take more than a year for one to get used to. Plus if the road is empty and I’m late, I’ll jaywalk. Bahahaha.

See. The same me. The same person to not use as moral benchmark.

So if anyone asks me what my 2016 resolution is…. It’s nothing. Nothing specific nor special. No ‘New me, New Year’ resolution. I’m still the same chap at 00:01 as I was at 11:59.

If new year resolution helps you to be a better person, may 2016 be your year for personal growth and better quality of life in every aspect. *flex arms*


🌏: Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

3 thoughts on “2016: Still the same

    • Hi Moritz,

      Vienna’s beautiful! However, I find it tad too big. There’s a place which I wanted to go to but it’s a 19 hours ride to there and time does not permit.

      There wasn’t much tour choices as well so we (my cousin and I) left Vienna not knowing much. But I’d definitely would want to visit Salzburg if time permits.

      Safe travels everywhere you go! 🙂

      • You are absolutely right. Vienna is extremly widespread when it comes to the important spots. Even with two full days we had problems discovering it all. You really need a lot of time for Vienna, while Salzburg for example is discovered in just one day easily 🙂

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