Ramlal and Pogo

Time check: 3:38am.

Just finished my itinerary for later’s trip. Instead of sleeping, I need to finish my essay draft submission. Bummer.


Watched Dilwale with the cousin just now. It was AH.MAY.ZING.

The song, the plot, the cheesy-ness, the errthang. Nothing short of amazing. I’ve said amazing thrice (including this, go watch people!)

Certain scenes were just too (funny kinda) corny that if you’ve watched Hindi movies since you were young, you kinda know what to expect and when it really happens, as the actors were really saying what went through your mind, trust me, you mouth will just say, “Oh my gawddd,” out loud (and facepalm while you’re at it).

But, oh, I have to say this. The action scenes is WON.DAH.FUL. The sound effect, fuuuuh, don’t bother comparing against American or English action pack movies genre. The Indians know they’re sound effects.

This is also the few movies with good moral values in a long while. Y’know, not just good girl likes bad guy and bad guy likes bad girl and oops! popcorn & movie finito. Think Frozen, but better.

The downside of Hindi movie is…. it’s veryyyy long.

After 154 minutes of Diwale, my cousin and I went for quick Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park for an evening walk and quick Boxing Day looksee, more like to wash off the realness of the movie in us. Y’feel me? But when we got back, we sat for another Hindi movie. Bahahaha.

Within the first two minutes of the 3 hour movie (YES, 3 HOURS!), the first song started and my cousin went, “Aik!? Just started and there’s already a song?”

2 Hindi movies in 1 day. That’s half a Suit season okay!?


(source: Video)

So much love for Ramlal and Pogo combo. (Gotta watch to know what I mean.)

I’ve tried reading children stories to my nieces and nephews and also had a public-read-a-loud session when I was in Primary School. Clearly my voice is one of my strength. (Euphemism for chatterbox).

But after reading the story to the kiddos, my cousin told me I suck. DURING the public-read-a-loud session, the teacher in charge kept coming to the stage to slow me down and correct me.

SO! This clearly shows how baaaaad I am at telling people stories from books. I’m adding movies to this list. Self-awareness guys. I’m growing up aren’t I? Teehee.

I hope this post won’t deter you from watching this movie (cause I’m so watching this again! Gonna wait for Blu-Ray, hehe.)

Till the next post, I’ll leave you two good songs from the movie.

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