Woopsie! Watch your step!

Note: Happened two Mondays ago.


I don’t know about you but I sleep very well in vehicles. You name it. I got it covered.

If right now I’m 12 years old, I’d gladly sign up for the sleep is for the weak petition and volunteer to forego sleep for 3 consecutive days juuuust for fun!

Turns out I’m 18 (for the past many years. Ok, let’s not push it. I’ll be 20 next year, ok!) and not in the mood nor condition to forego sleep. Not even for a new MV clip. Nada. 8pm? Oooh, let’s sleep. Sleep is for the weak? Suuuurrreee.

So imagine my heartache when I have to sacrifice my sleep in the train from London back to my place for some primitive labour. What was I doing? Manually outline and cut cone shapes plastic for my project.


Yaaaas. Each of these is handcut, hand glued, hand errthang.

Eat dinner, cut. Before sleep, cut. Wake up from bed, cut. Sigh, life challenges. #firstworldproblem.

By Monday I was in desperate need for help. The relief, when the technician said that the material I used can be laser cut. *pops fireworks*

While waiting for my laser cut session I assembled the ready cut ones – folding & taping em – y’know, to not waste time.

Turns out there’s more than 100 cones to tape and cutting tapes manually is not in my to do list.

Went up to architecture office, barter trade the tape WITH THE DISPENSER for my student card. Gahh. That kind soul is sucha life saver.


Never felt so content seeing and using the tape dispenser.

As time passes and my laser cut slot drew near, I taped the cones as quickly as I could to be able to return it (the tape dispenser) in time, for some technology goodness. Aaahhh… everything seems to be going smoothly, Alhamdulillah.

✅ Finished taping. ✅ Returned the dispenser in time. ✅ Got 15 minutes to spare. ✅ Material can be laser cut.  My my, what a bright day.


Okay, fine. Y’know what I mean.

Happily reunited with my student card, I went down via the fire emergency exit staircase. While putting the student card in my lanyard, I missed a step, fell, cracked an ankle and landed on my knees.

Yup. Never fall in 5.5″ heels even while dancing on it, but took a dive wearing a flat boot. Good job, Aqilah.

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Ouch!”

Ok. Fine. You caught me there. It was, “Thank God noooobody’s around! Made the right choice to choose the private staircase.”

Followed by the Ouch.

Okay. Okay. Ishh!

It’s followed by, “My heels! God, please let the feet/ankle heal better than before. I need to wear my heels again. They only have me. Please God Pleaseeeeee.”

Then! It’s followed by an earnest Ouch.

Limp a bit here and there and after few hours, it started to ache even more.

I had no choice other than ask for an ice pack.


An ice pack ain’t stopping me from my party favours manual labour.

The burden lifted when I was given the ice pack. Gahhh…. Felt like a much needed birthday present.

As I was about to leave the dude that gave me the ice pack, I was told to hang in there and fill in the accident form.

Okay fineeee!

Probably just some details like my name, student number and phone number I guess.

Turns out it was a loooooong form and the guy typed soooo slow while I was standing, I never needed a chair and patience more in my life.

I assure you, I stood a good 20-30 minutes just for that form when it only took me 2 minutes to fall and crack my ankle. (Actually the crack felt good. Like cracking your knuckles. But obviously, I can’t just crack my ankles joint happily can I? Or can I? Hehe. So, turns out, it was kinda relieving fall/crack wrapped in a heavy price – swollen and aching ankle. Bahahaha. My marbles must’ve fallen off too.)

It made me question myself why I bothered to ask for an ice pack since I’ve held on for a few hours. Or I might as well fall another 3, 4 times to make the standing for 20 minutes filling in the accident report more worth it.

Gonna practice the ‘Lower your gaze’ sunnah more seriously.

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