Darn it!

After last week, I realised that I have a knack at asking damnedest questions. Yup, plural.

*Few years ago*

Me: Bro, what happened to you? (I saw partial of hind of his palm scalded.)

Bro: Oh, it’s army training. POW style.

Me: What did they do?

Bro: Scald me? *giving me judgemental look*

Me: Okay, since it’s training, why didn’t they just scald the entire palm?

I.SWEAR. It came out before I could even think.

*Fasting Month*

-Iftar with my Munich ladies-

Friend: This is nice, catching up over food.

Another friend: Yeah, we should do this again. Let’s have a Raya gathering!

Me: *all hyped up*  Yeah! Shall we set a dressing code – all wear baju raya?

Awkward silence + all eyes on me.

Friend: Aqilah’s at it again.

All laugh.


*Last week*

I had dinner at my cousin’s friend place and we were on the topic of married couples trying for children after a decade of marriage and conceiving medically as well as traditionally. In giving example to not give up and lose faith, he referenced Prophet Zakariya (a.s). He (and his wife) were old and had no children after being married for a looooong time. He made a dua (supplication), and Allah rewarded his effort with a child.

Friend: … Y’know Prophet Zakariya (a.s), is an example of a married couple who had children after being in a marriage for a long time. He tried everything, IVF didn’t work so they finally tried for the traditional massage and the couple finally conceived.

Me: Wait, WHAT!? Prophet Zakariya (a.s), and his wife had IVF!?

Everyone just burst out laughing. Thanks guys. *Thumbs up*

It was a genuine ‘WHUUUAATTT!?’

Friend: Nooo…. My friend had IVF. Why would Prophet Zakariya (a.s) have IVF?

Gah. Punctuation people. Punctuation.


In the meantime, please excuse me, I need to upgrade my hearing system. This glitch has got to stop.

Have a good weekend!

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