Such a beautiful, day, last week.

T’was warm. Sun was out. Was in a nice small city filled with rich history (and rich schools).



Don’t know what these looks like to you. But sure does look like a good day to me!

With that, we decided to go punting. Couldn’t think of a better way to rest our legs and get a good information on universitiessss there from a local.




Pakcik juuuuuust had to photobomb kan? Pfft.


Interesting Fact: D’you know that students aren’t allowed to work at all and they’re paid (not from their parents) to study.

Reality check: That glimmer of hope just died for me. I wouldn’t pay me to study either. But hey! Who knows? Might wake up being extra genius tomorrow 😝.


🌎: Cambridge, UK.

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