25 244

One of my cousin is studying in London this year – Hellooooo family!

Few days ago, another cousin flew in for work and we had a good looong day together! (The day is short but we had a long day. Y’feel me?)

We had a long walk to breakfast.


Basement + Halloween Week (Light’s off) = Bad Lighting.

If you’ve been following this blog, I’m not going to insult you our whereabouts for breakfast. *flips shawl*


Come on’ people! A bowl of cereal can’t keep me full!

When we popped into the restaurant, the waitress told us that we had to be in the waiting list which made us wander in Green Park and end up by the Buckingham Palace only to see that the guards coat have changed from red to grey.

I have a red coat. I mean, can’t the government make them a red coat? #firstworldproblem



Remember Sandy from Hyde Park? She missed me. Teehee.

I met my cousins. I met Sandy. What more could I ask for on a Friday?


Good food with great company, CHECKED!

Afterwards, we got lost for about an hour getting to Hyde Park and when we finally reached there, we walked through the entire pathway – in the dark – all the way to Knightsbridge where we got on our way for dinner. The dinner was with the Singapore Muslim Society in London.

Well, technically I’m not studying in London.

But since I’m a Muslim and a Singaporean, the rest don’t matter and I’m not complaining cause I got Malay food. More like, when your cousin puts your name down, the owner of the name has to turn up.

Ahhhhhh, partially satiated my malay tastebud! 005


Bandung. Rendang. Bagedil. Sayur Lodeh. Hari Raya totally came early for us.

French Toast Cereal for Breakfast – CHECKED!

Lobster for Lunch – CHECKED!

Malay food for Dinner – CHECKED!

Just when I was about to go all guilty for all these good food, my cousin’s pedometer showed that we took 25 244 steps.


Can someone get me a slice of fruit tart here please!

I hope you’ve had an amazeballs weekend!



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