Ahhhhh… How do I start this?

Let’s begin with, it’s been a month since the semester started and I’ve been drained since…. don’t be surprised, Day 1.

How busy was I? I had to think twice to pee or browse through my phone image gallery to upload one (or two) pics on Instagram. Yup, thaaaaaat busy.

Sometimes I just want to take 5 and whatsapp a friend or a cousin or someone, y’know just to say Hi.

But when you’ve only posted one picture on Instagram, what are the odds of the rest? Cooking is beside the point.

Anywho, amidst the business of wanting to disturb people here and there, a friend posted this picture on Instagram.

The minute I saw it, I almost bawled.

edited 04

It’s like, she thought of me too! She remembered me! What a timing!

OMG. I think I just sound so hormonal. I can’t handle myself. Let’s move on people!

That instapost takes me back to Citadel, Egypt.

Citadel’s a place where you can view the skyline of Egypt. I find it interesting cause in one compound, there’s two Masjids (Mosques) and four(?) museums. 6 for the price of 1!



The loooooong pathway up. Seriously, I thought we were never going to reach up. Salute to senior citizens!


edited 02

There were many greens here. It was nice seeing colours on top of the standard brown/beige/nude/neutral colour scheme of Egypt. Bahahaha. Gah! I could live here (just not in summer, what was I thinking!!??).


First up, Masjid Sultan Al-Nasir (Muhammad ibn Qala’un).


Pardon that girl polluting this pic. I’ll tell her to stop being a sore eye the next time I see her.

Then, we went to the next mosque. Walked though this beeeeeaaaauuuuutttiiiifffuuuuulllll road. Pictures can nevah, do justice. Gotta be there to feel it.















Like I said, pictures cannot do justice.

edited 05

edited 01


Shoes for sale. Anyone!?


My one and only customer for the day. Teehee. That’s a step to success right?


The well decorated interior. Too awesome that my phone can’t capture it’s beauty. If you’re planning a holiday but don’t know where to go to, now you know!


Shade, anyone?

Oh, have I told how beautiful it is outside this mosque? I mean it was for the royals. *shrugs*


This mosque is on the highest ground where from the balcony, you can view Egypt’s skyline.

I thought of Skyscrapers but was greeted with this instead,


Remind me to not have any expectations. Not that it’s ugly or something. One (me) needs to be more open minded that not every place is filled with tall buildings.

Where’s one place you’ve been abroad to with your friend(s)?


🌎: Saladin Citadel of Cairo, Egypt.

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