Hearty weekend

Time check: 0256 hr.

Its been a busy week and will be so, till end of next week – for me.

Pepped myself with comfort food.


Anyhowlydone hors d’oeuvres. Don’t ask me what I put on it. I had noooo idea but it tastes gooooood!


I was watching some stuff and they had chicken soupy ish noodle dish and I just had to! *salivates again*

The chicken seasoning (made from scratch, according to the recipe), is dannng salty. The broth however, was as bland as me.

Turns out, by mixing the two together, it works well.


Not a single stock cube used. Totally legal to cekik (chow this down) now, right? 3.10am!?

I’ll just have it for tomorrow… Dinner or (never) whenever I get home.

Loooong day tomorrow, I mean, later.

Whatever comes your way in the future ahead, I hope you breeze through it with gusto (no matter how challenging it gets)!

Oh and find the right comfort food yo! It helps! Tried and tested.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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