Miss me!?

I swear I wasn’t planning to go mia but it just sort of, happened.

Speaking of ‘happened’, I had a very interesting journey during my flight back to UK, which I blogged about while I was on air, airplane mode on, don’t worry, but for some reason, it just vanished into thin air when I tried to save it. TWICE. It was a long post. Ain’t doing it Thrice.

If there’s any tip that I’m entitled to give at this point in my life right now, it’d be NEVER. EVER. Fly back a day (actually less than 24hours, but what difference does it makes now right) before your first day of school.

With the age great time difference, I was pretty much stoning for the first 5 days when I got back here.

Trust me, on the 9th tutor introduction, my eyes (I have no say) went half shut giving her this, ‘You’re-not-boring-me-actually-you-are-and-I-respect-you-but-I’m-JUST!-jetlag-and-darnnn sleepy’ look.


That was one helluva prodUCKtive day.

*Yawns. Shuts eyes.*