That was close!

If there are 10 phrases for middle name(s) and I have to choose one, it won’t be hard to decide. Well, at least for me.

My cousin’s solemnisation and wedding reception theme was yellow.

The event starts at 0930. I had months to prepare and choose my outfit from eid collection to sg50 deals. But no. I just had to get my outfit sorted the night before at 2230. Good job aqilah! *glares at self*.

Default middle name: Lastminute.

Earlier the evening of the eve of the wedding, I went to fetch my friends from Indonesia and they brought along my stuff which couldn’t be done in time, then.

I had a custom made yellow skirt which turns out to be too big which of course, slipped off my hips. It was the size for an elephant and this teenage rhinoceros wasn’t big enough.

Then I remembered making a custom order for long cardigans in various design and patterns. Problem is, were there any yellow? Even if there’s a dot of yellow, I’ll wear it in a heartbeat.

When I placed my order, I gave my colour inspiration based on my mood the other time and ‘the other time’ was over a month ago!

Then there it is…. In its full glory, a cardigan with yellow dye, pop out of the songket box.

Aaaaahhhh….. That moment when you don’t fail yourself. *pats shoulder*.


Should I use this picture as the main header of this blog? Teehee.




Oops. Pudding stain right there.



Follow me guys. Got something else to share.
(This is) What happens when the reception venue is riiiight beside (a)n toy adoption centre.



Don’t mind me. I just adopted one.

Tried making it him comfortable by reading to him bedtime story. You know… Get use to my voice!


My my… That’s a happy expression right there.

Anywho, after 48hours, with the agreement of my baby brother, we agreed to name him LeeRoid.

If you see him on the streets, please send him back to me. Thanks in advance!

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