Slice vs Chunk

Last year… Somewhere late August(?), as I was chilling at Emil’s place, she served me this sliced cake bars with nutella fillings.

Not a big fan of chocolates, but when your friend who’s a dessert addict shares with you her stash of dessert (her stash which she doesn’t even share with her kids!), no matter how much you don’t like Nutella, trust me, you can forget about that chocolate filling. That sincerity (and vanilla sponge cake), tastes like you’ve shoved a pile rainbow goodness in your mouth.

If you’ve never had a pile of rainbow goodness in your mouth, you need a friend like Emil.

I think her friendship quota is full so…. Too bad for you. 😝

Anywho! The few months that I’ve been here for summer break, I’ve ordered my own stash of cake bars. From the same person. With many many different flavours.

After a few round of orders, my Top 3 flavour choices are Ovomaltine, Nutella (karma right there) white choc peanut butter(?) & Nutella (again, karma right there) Cookies & Cream.

To make it last longer, and keep track of my consumption, I always cut em into slices before I chow em down.


Like this.

But ever since I had lunch with Emil and Shakirah (the woman who releases rainbow goodness in everything that she cooks), Emil told me that when it comes to eating her cake bars, she just tear em in quarters and just chomp on it without slicing them.

That evening, I tried doing the same.


Eating off a small chunk instead of slicing em.

Never trusting this woman again.

Then: Cut into slices, plate em, sit, resume whatever I was watching and eat.

Now: Break off appropriate size, take the first bite while shutting the fridge door, second bite while pouring a drink, third bite while walking to seat, fourth bite while seating down. Fifth and last bite when I hit the ‘play’ button to whatever I’m watching.

I mean, what am I suppose to snack on while watching the show? My fingers? Poor cake bars shivering in the fridge.

So I have to make a second trip to the fridge and tell myself to only take the first bite (second time) after sitting down.

This ‘mouth making decision for my body without my brain’s consent’ situation is happening too often.

It happened again. TODAY. Oh, my bad. It’s 1.35am now. So this episode happened YESTERDAY.

I was happily nibbling the cake bar at the hall when I realised that my insurance agent will be calling anytime soon. So I got up, rushed to the room to get phone only to realise that there’s a missed call.

Crap. Poor guy got to deal with people like me.

Then I realised that it was my tailor. Aiseh. Drama onlyyy.

So being a good citizen that I am, meal time or not, I dialled my tailor.

As I was ending my conversation with my tailor, my insurance agent called. Whaaat. A. Timing. And I accidentally hit the decline call button. Bah.

I hope I don’t step on a Lego. If the Lego won’t scream, I will.

After a few minutes on the phone, as I hit the End Call  button with my left hand, my right eating hand, naturally wanted to put the cake bar in my mouth only to realise all that’s left on my fingers were Ovomaltine stains. Seriously. Where. Is. The. Cake!?

By now you should already know I’m a cake monster so believe me when I say I walked from the hall to the kitchen, to my brother’s room and back to the hall to look for that 5cm long cake.

I even checked the bed to make sure I didn’t accidentally leave it there as an offering or whatnot.

I probably ate it but then… Who would eat while talking on the phone?! That’s not my point. Where’s my cake! Ugh.. My mouth always does this!

Back to the fridge for a replacement slice.

Lesson learnt. Slice and plate em before eating. That way when call(s) come in or your family member calls you, no matter where you go, the sliced cake will still be sitting nicely on the plate. Teehee.

Now I feel like taking a trip to the fridge. Hmmmmm.

That was close!

If there are 10 phrases for middle name(s) and I have to choose one, it won’t be hard to decide. Well, at least for me.

My cousin’s solemnisation and wedding reception theme was yellow.

The event starts at 0930. I had months to prepare and choose my outfit from eid collection to sg50 deals. But no. I just had to get my outfit sorted the night before at 2230. Good job aqilah! *glares at self*.

Default middle name: Lastminute.

Earlier the evening of the eve of the wedding, I went to fetch my friends from Indonesia and they brought along my stuff which couldn’t be done in time, then.

I had a custom made yellow skirt which turns out to be too big which of course, slipped off my hips. It was the size for an elephant and this teenage rhinoceros wasn’t big enough.

Then I remembered making a custom order for long cardigans in various design and patterns. Problem is, were there any yellow? Even if there’s a dot of yellow, I’ll wear it in a heartbeat.

When I placed my order, I gave my colour inspiration based on my mood the other time and ‘the other time’ was over a month ago!

Then there it is…. In its full glory, a cardigan with yellow dye, pop out of the songket box.

Aaaaahhhh….. That moment when you don’t fail yourself. *pats shoulder*.


Should I use this picture as the main header of this blog? Teehee.




Oops. Pudding stain right there.



Follow me guys. Got something else to share.
(This is) What happens when the reception venue is riiiight beside (a)n toy adoption centre.



Don’t mind me. I just adopted one.

Tried making it him comfortable by reading to him bedtime story. You know… Get use to my voice!


My my… That’s a happy expression right there.

Anywho, after 48hours, with the agreement of my baby brother, we agreed to name him LeeRoid.

If you see him on the streets, please send him back to me. Thanks in advance!

While it last

*Stepping out of toilet. Heard pacing footsteps.*

Me: Yo brotha! Chu’ doing?!

Bro: Waiting for you.

Me: WOW! REALLY! That’s so sweet of you! *heart eyes* Thank you!

Ahhhhhh…. THE day has finally come…. a miracle. Some dude…waiting for me. Sigh…

Bro: I mean I’m waiting for you to be done with the toilet. Can you please hurry up?


Great. Killjoy.

5 days left for his September holidays. Gonna teach this young guy some manners.

*Rolls sleeve*