20 Cents

Nong nong time ago, whenever we wanted to use public restroom, there’ll always be a table, a few packets of tissue (for purchase), a small container, a chair (on the floor. Not on the table, of course) and one makcik or pakcik (aunty or uncle) guarding the toilet like security officers at the departure gate.

To use the toilet, you gotta pay up, pal!

If it’s not 20 cents, it’s 30 cents. If not 30 cents, the most expensive will be 60 cents.

Singapore stopped this practice. Malaysia continued.

My memory on this pay to pee business is often linked to asking my mommy for coins to pay to the restroom guardians in malls in Malaysia. *walks down memory lane.*

2015. It’s been a looooong while since I pay to go to the restroom.

Maybe that’s why this happened.


Younger Brother: Kakak, are you done? Can I use the toilet?

Me drying myself outside the toilet, in the walk in wardrobe (of course): Yeah sure. A moment. You know, from today, everytime you want to enter the toilet, you gotta pay 20 cents.

*Hears the brother footstep walking towards a cabinet. Moments later, hears coins being digged out.*

Younger Brother: *holds on to 20 cent coin* Okay, I’m ready!



g21 sgd20c-big

Designs of Singapore 20 cent coins.

Left: Old. Right: New.

Source: Google Image

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