Soraya’s favourite

KL trip is incomplete without buying Boost (juice).

While thinking of a new drink to try, my cousin dared me to ask the staff a suuuuper lame question and in exchange, she’ll pay for the juice.

One life advice that I can offer: FREE FOOD OR DRINKS ALWAYS TASTES BETTER.

At the counter.


Me: Hi. Was wondering who is Soraya in ‘Soraya’s favourite’?

Staff: Oh its actually the name of (one of)ย Boost’s boss and since she doesn’t have a Malay name and her name sounds close to Soraya, plus this is her favourite drink combination, the name of the drink is ‘Soraya’s favourite’.


Who knew buying a cuppa juice can be an enriching experience? #lifelonglearner


Free juice for me!

I got Soraya’s Aqilah’s favourite: Banana Buzz.


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