20 Cents

Nong nong time ago, whenever we wanted to use public restroom, there’ll always be a table, a few packets of tissue (for purchase), a small container, a chair (on the floor. Not on the table, of course) and one makcik or pakcik (aunty or uncle) guarding the toilet like security officers at the departure gate.

To use the toilet, you gotta pay up, pal!

If it’s not 20 cents, it’s 30 cents. If not 30 cents, the most expensive will be 60 cents.

Singapore stopped this practice. Malaysia continued.

My memory on this pay to pee business is often linked to asking my mommy for coins to pay to the restroom guardians in malls in Malaysia. *walks down memory lane.*

2015. It’s been a looooong while since I pay to go to the restroom.

Maybe that’s why this happened.


Younger Brother: Kakak, are you done? Can I use the toilet?

Me drying myself outside the toilet, in the walk in wardrobe (of course): Yeah sure. A moment. You know, from today, everytime you want to enter the toilet, you gotta pay 20 cents.

*Hears the brother footstep walking towards a cabinet. Moments later, hears coins being digged out.*

Younger Brother: *holds on to 20 cent coin* Okay, I’m ready!



g21 sgd20c-big

Designs of Singapore 20 cent coins.

Left: Old. Right: New.

Source: Google Image

Career Switch?

If one day the heart decides that architecture is enough, big cities is enough, busy and rushing here and there lifestyle is enough and you no longer find me anywhere in my small sunny island, you’ll probably be able to find me living somewhere on a higher altitude. A place with more solitude. A place where….


I get to wake up like this.


Few things to work on …. My relationship with sun. I miss them in Winter but not here.


How much bigger does this tree needs to be before it can give more shade???


There…. Much better! 🙂

I don’t know if you remember this but few years back (actually, many years ago)… Facebook had this phase of quizzes.

I remember sitting 4 hours straight in front of the computer to just do these quizzes. Homework what!?

What kind of planet is suitable for you?

Who is your inner Disney princess?

How are you most likely to die?

When are you most likely to get married?

Who is your inner villain?

Your inner seven deadly sin.

You get the drift don’t you…

I remember one of the quizzes was called How Green (environmental friendly) are you?

It really is no surprise that I got red, the total opposite of green – how can people sleep without aircon!?

If what I wore is to be used as a measuring scale of how environmentally friendly I am, then, it must be fate and not coincidence that I decked out here in Green and Red. I mean, instead of taking the quiz again, you can just take a look at me. *flips shawl*


More green than red. I’d like to take that as a good sign!





If you must know, I was genuinely picking the tea leaves.

I’ve always wanted to try drinking green tea from fresh tea leaves.

Like how the Koreans consider fresh octopus to be: fish em out of the water, rinse em, dip em in pepper sauce and while it’s alive(!) put it in your mouth and eat em. I would like to join the fresh from the source business.

Pick the leaves, steep it in hot water and drink. No, I’m not ready for alive animals, thank you!







🌏: Pagilaran Green Tea Plantation, Central Java, Indonesia