The Pekak (Deaf) Game

For some reason, yesterday, my brother came home early from work….only to go out again. -.-”

While chilling at the hall and the brother tying his shoelace, this conversation happened.


Me: *surfing the internet* Are you going raya visitings with your friends this year?

Bro: Yup. Why?

Me: *listening to lecture* Give me heads up.

Ever since I got back, I’ve been sleeping in the hall. One of the many reasons are: rooms are much warmer and one simply has to make an effort  for better comfort *flex arms*. So, obviously, when guests are around, I gotta make way for them don’t I? Or, can I just stay there? Hehe. *evil grin*

Bro: Ok, they’re coming this Saturday.

Me: Okie doks. What time? *still listening to lecture*

Bro: 11am.

Me: *in head* Ok, Morning. Must relocate around 9am. But when?* When, again?


Me: *starts to pay attention to his words* Hmmm… Ok, this Saturday. What time?

*in head: Oh, 11am right?*

Me: Eleee…~

Bro: 11am la you pekak (DEAF WOMAN).

Me: ..even. Ah ok. Saturday, 11am. 


Bahahaha…. Not deaf guys.

Just partially ignorant.


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