Eve of Eve of Eid

Remember me mentioning about ‘we are where we are because our name is written there’ kinda thing and somehow I ended at momski’s for one more night?

Basically, here’s the episode.


It was one hot summer….
I kid you not. I’m melting guyss….

Received momski’s message asking me what’s my plan for the evening since she’s iftar-ing at her sis (cik ani) along with her helper and dadski and broski are iftar-ing at the stadium with arsenal or was it arsonist, I’m not too sure myself. bahahaha.

Thinking there’s gonna be a huge crowd at Cik Ani’s, I rather go home. Its been a while since I last saw Gary anyways.

While waiting for dadski, broski and I were having a casual chat.

Broski: So… Where you headed?

Me: Home ah. *shows my packed bag*.

Broski: One more night?

Me: Naaaa…. I told me dad I’ll come home t’day.

In the car.
Hmmmmm…. Why is dadski taking another route?

More traffic the usual way maybe.

Few minutes later….

Errr.. Why are we at the expressway?

Ah, maybe exiting the avenue/street of my crib.

So, Aqilah continues to keep her mouth shut.

Few minutes later….

Err… Why are we at another estate? *panic a little *

So I whatsapped broski, who’s like, directly in front of me, and this happened.




Turns out, it’s not all that bad spending the eve of Eid’s eve at Cik Ani’s place.

I can’t forgot how to weave the coconut leaves into ketupat. But at least I was being useful…


..tightening the ketupat. *flipscoconutleaves*


Tadaaahhhh! The rice grains will then be filled and after 3-5 minutes in the magic cooker (some upscale cooking pot)…


Test batch turns out looking reaaaal good!

I’ve never seen cooked ketupat this green after being cooked.

Traditionally, the ketupat is cooked in a huge pot of boiling water which usually take 4-5 hours (I think) for it to be thoroughly cooked. By the time they’re done, the leaves are brown and dry.

This definitely looks more attractive!

Oh, and of course, like every kid,


me got me some incentive to last through the night. Teehee.

We ended after 1am which of course, I made my way back to momski’s for another night since it’s out of the way, PLUS! I didn’t bring my keys.


So you see… When He decides that I won’t be home that night, He puts something in my way. Of course I didn’t mind. I got cake rolls man! *grins*

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