Prata Ibuu

I remember seeing my Indonesian friend post on this prata that she ate for iftar. If you haven’t already know, UK has brought out the Indian in me.

Thing is…. It’s in Jakarta. Yeah. There I was, fasting 19 hours in UK & people in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are happily iftar-ing while it’s not even asar in UK.

Thank God it’s over. The thought….of 19hours. Ok, let’s not go there.

One of the reason I went to Jakarta a few days after being in Singapore is to buy this prata, online. Yup. Online kengkawans (friends)! My indonesia trip will always consist of me, eating my favourite dishes – padang, pempek palembang, bakwan, local drinks (es teler and whatnot) and more!

Now I have one more to add to the list.

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I remember browsing through their IG and saw that they aren’t taking orders anymore, for the month, or something like that and almost gave up on getting my hands on these babies. But at the back of my mind I told myself let’s not give up and ask em!

Cause I was so busy, I only remembered that I needed to beep them on my third last day in Jakarta. Yup, last minute is my middle name. By then, again, I was prepared to not get my hands on it.

After a few ping pong-ing of messages, these good stuff came right at my aunts house within 3 hours. Given the Jakarta friday traffic, I was more than impressed!

I was stuck in the traffic for 3 hours! We broke our fast in the car. >.<

Oh, did I mention I had 2 plates of prata on that day?

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Round 1.


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Round 2.

Different location but same day, don’t worry.

Why am I suddenly blogging about this?

Cause I just had 3 pieces (yasss, I brought them back to SG, hehe) and I just had to.

If you’re in Jakarta, or any part of Indonesia, don’t forget to try em. They’d go very well with fish curry!


🌎: Jakarta, 🇮🇩

📱: prataibuu (IG) or order with them at pennipr (via ‘Line’ app)