But I have!…apparently.

Assalamualaikum errbaddeh!

I remember getting this ‘Woah! Feels like I’ve been here before!’ feeling when I entered this place but I just brushed it off.

Then, back in Singapore, while having conversations with my aunts, one of them asked, “Did you remember that we went to Egypt together years ago? Did you remember going to Makam Imam Syafie? We went there together,” she said excitedly.

That’s when the Déjà vu I had got answered.

SubhanAllah…. Dah pernah sampai sini rupanya dulu… Haha *selenge much* (SubhanAllah, how clueless was I back then to not remember being here before? Hehe)

I guess I was too young back then and my concern wasn’t on Mosques and anything to do with the deen. It was more of a ‘Where’s the malls and pyramids!?’ kinda trip for me.

Imam Syafie is one of the great Imam in Islam.

As Muslims, we believe that where we are right now is because Allah has written our names there.

Right now, I’m at Momski’s typing this, when in actual fact, my plan was to be home yesterday. But since Allah has written that I’ll be at Momski’s, something (funny) happened yesterday – will blog about this in a bit – which made me end up here for one more night.

Just thinking about the coincidence that my name is written at this place, far away from home, twice, still amazes me. Alhamdulillah ☺

ANYWHO!Makam Imam Syafie! This place is the very first stop we went to.




Right there…. When I entered this side of the mosque, the greenness of the makam made me went, ‘Woah! Feels like I’ve been here before!’


Love the marble walls 😍.


Almost chased those people away to get a clear shot. Forgot that it’s a public place >.< *smacks head*

See the post behind Shafa?

That’s the post that Imam Syafie used to rest on and sometimes give his teachings while seating against it. The post originally was not located in this building but was brought there so it’s easier for visitors to see while they’re visiting, etc.

As we left the mosque, I saw this cat sticking its head into the drainage at the ablution area.









I guess even the cat couldn’t bear the heat!


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