With my myopic eyes, I tried looking at the clock which is at least 10m away from me for the time without my glasses and completely forgot about the existence of my phones buried somewhere under the blanket beside me.

Ahhh….1255pm, gonna be Zohor soon. Let’s sit up and stop being groggy.

So, I rolled around a little and after getting fresher by the minute, I searched for my phone for an exact time.

*Founds phone* Time: 1110am

Pehhhhh…. I guess I was too ambitious with my myopic eyes. Well, at least I tried. *shrugs* Hehe.

Morning routine continues: Tap the instagram app icon. (Don’t tell me you don’t do this you liar you,Β πŸ˜‚)

There was a notification that someone tagged me and the moment I clicked the notification, I saw me!

I was like, ‘Eh…. When did I upload this? I haven’t edited anything’. Then I took a closer look and went, ‘Oh… Shafa rupanya,’ (Oh… It’s Shafa) and omg it feels weird to have a full image of you on someone else’s IG page – SOLO SHOT PULAK TU! (SOLO SHOT NO LESS).

PicsArt_1436674846432 PicsArt_1436675041570

The moment I saw the caption, Wallahi (chehbah), I struggle to grasp the link between the caption and me.

Come, I break it down for you…

πŸ‘Έ: I think she’s referring to my shawl. As muslim woman, our hijab acts as our crown.

[Me: Ok.]

“Beauty without modesty…”: ❗️❓❗️❓❗️❓❓❓❓

[Beauty, where? Modesty, where? Me? Have you seen me? Have you met me? This girl must be on her period.]

“…is like a conversation without honesty.”: Ermm…*🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜* BUT WE HAVE HONEST CONVERSATIONS! We don’t sugarcoat our words – unless we want something from each other then we turn diabetes sweet and marshmallow mushy to each other. *blows nail*

Conclusion: This kind of deep (at least for me) quotes are just not meant for me. Don’t think this is the morning-brain-not-fully-loaded situation. It’s just a I’ll never understand this kinda quote. I might take some time to get this but I think Shafa wants to put this caption but was too shy to put her own pic so she made use of me. (Kan, Shafa kannnn?) It’ssssokay babe… I understoodedood.

You can make use of me anytime k!

Oh and! This is totally a typical girly girl’s post right? Hahaha… I think guys won’t read much into caption. They’d be,’Err… I don’t understand this but whatever, what’s happening to my Sim City?’ and totalllllly forget about this.

*blows nail*


πŸ“·: Shafa

🌍: Sultan Hassan Mosque aka Masjid 4 Mazhab aka OFFICIALLY MA FAVOURITE MOSQUE!, Cairo, Egypt


I apologise for not posting on my recent Egypt trip (yet) cause I’ve been busy with jetlag, a bit of personal work that comes with travelling and school work plus Eid is coming…. leaves me with no time to edit the photos (read: straighten them and whatnot). Don’t worry, I don’t airbrush myself. I’ll still look like a chewbacca if you see me on the street. Teehee.

But it’s coming this way soon, In Syaa Allah.

Till next post, may you be safe and I totally foresee Shafa WA-ing me soon.

*stuff cotton into ears*

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