Long Week

Assalamualaikum guys!

How you guys be doin? Time passes so fast that when people post on ‘Last 10 Days of Ramadhan’, I be like: Naaaaa…you gotta be kidding me.

But yesterday, seeing my aunts hanging the curtain and changing the carpet made me realise that Ramadhan is really bidding adieu soon. Sigh… where did time go?

Barely a week back in SG and I flew out to settle few things. Barely slept for 4 hours a day for 6 consecutive night conks me out everytime I’m in the car and during both flights.

I remember two episode on this sleepyhead business – first: I found myself waking up after the driver has parked (read: pull the handbrake all) the car and second: when the flight has landed and my reclined seat was already straightened by the cabin crew. *gasppp*



At first, I was like, OK, Let’s do this! We can do this! Then, I be, Naaa, I need to sleep.

Time check: 0726.

It’s been a long productive week for me and now I need to be productive with my sleep *yawn*.

Gonna take a ‘nap’.

G’night morning!

Hope your weekend has treated you kind. Till next post, stay away from drugs k! 🙂


🌎: Jagardah (Jakarta), Indonesia🇮🇩


Was looking through my outfit and realise there’s some Neighbouring Love going on. So here’s me sharing some love…

Shawl: Hijab Jewels (SG)

Daster/Kaftan: DPbyDian (ID)

Palazzo Pants: Musseo (MY)