That intention tho


Caption from Instagram:
While waiting for someone after terawih yesterday, mostafa atef walked past us. Almost turned into girl band singing ‘Qamarun’ by the open carpark no less (and memalukan masyarakat wanita, while we’re at it). 😎 Malam ni masjid mana pulak!? (Tonight which mosque!?) (Story to be continued on blog)

So! I only knew him a few months prior and his nasheeds really didn’t appeal to my ears until it’s been repeated continuously by my friends when I got here. Unknowingly I started humming to Qamarun’s tune. Ishhh…

Then, while waiting for cab…
Shafa: Can’t believe we saw him.Tak sia-sia datang masjid ni. (Coming to this mosque tonight has not been a wasted trip 🙈)
Me: Ya lor…

In the cab…
Me: Eh, wonder tomorrow which mosque we’re going to and who we’re gonna bump into. *thinks.. After a few second* Eh, Salman al Utaybi recite where ah? Mecca ah?
Shafa: Don’t know. I think so.
Me: Come, let’s go Mecca tomorrow!
Both: *Shrugs and laugh off my rhetorical & impractical statement *.

Perangai macam paham.

Itu niat pergi masjid pergi betulkan please. (Note to self: please fix the intention for going to mosque).

But really, what wouldn’t I give to pray in congregation having imam Sudais, Sheikh Salman or Mufti Menk as the imam.

Actually 1 down. 2 more to go.

How has your Ramadhan been?


Alex looking for heroes!

It  was towards the end of the portrait activity workshop, feeling worn out from all those approaching people and once in a while getting rejected business, I was approached by this lovely lady. Our purpose for being there was similar – approaching people, but with different purpose.

Me – Portrait photography. Lovely lady – Looking for heroes.

Having experience too much rejection’S’ in one day, it was only right that I spare some time for some one else. After all, we should treat people the way we want to be treated don’t we? Better still, I get to practice my newly acquired skill! Hehe.

I’ve always believed that everyone regardless of occupation, education qualification and background plays a very important part in this world. If I sound nuts, hear me out.

Those people wearing neon coloured vests sweeping rubbish thrown by inconsiderate people are keeping our streets clean. Without them, we would be tripping over an empty can of soda or pinching our nose as we walk quickly to get to the other end of the street.

Without the dishwashing lad/lady, we wouldn’t have clean plates to eat on. No appetizer plate. No ice cream bowl. Are you going to eat that ice cream scoop from your hand?

I can really go on, but I’ll spare you the deets.

Guys, meet Alex. She’s Polish and works in London as a Creative Strategist. On weekends, she uses her spare time, in search for extraordinary stories from people of all ages and background.

I’m glad to have met someone like her who goes out, reach to people about what they do and show/share it with the world. Afterall, you never know what kind of tough situation the person next to you in the train is going through. You might think that you need to complain to the manager about the waitress that just served your cold brew tea with a long face, without knowing she might actually lost someone close to her. It opens our mind to realise and understand that the world does not revolve around ‘me’ and it’s not just ‘me’ who’s having problem(s).

Getting trust from strangers to share a something about themselves is never easy. What more sharing them constantly on media platform, this really requires discipline.

Another point worth mentioning is, we tend to focus on ourselves *cough*guilty*cough* that it takes courage and perseverance, to make time for others and giving your attention to them for a solid few minutes.

IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7138

Undoubtedly, when searching for heroes, you are one too. 🙂

To see her heroes collections, you can find them here (website) or here (Instagram).

Ramadhan Kareem

Anyone else having their first ever ramadhan away from home?

*hands up!*

Every year, as ramadhan approaches, I’d get all giddy excited for this blessed month and by the second week, I’d be all worn off.

But this year I’m tweaking things up to spice it a little!

Insyaa Allah, I’ll be spending this ramadhan in few countries and I’m looking forward to each location to see what they have to offer me. Y’know… Keeping things fresh. :b

Till then, please forgive me for any of my shortcomings, in whatever form they may come from. I hope we’re more capable then last year to face stronger challenges.

I wish you and your loved ones a good ramadhan ahead. May goodness always be close to you 🙂


Ramadhan Mubarak all! 😘