Missing Home

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be celebrating (I love) Ramadhan(!) in few cities/countries.

‘Ramadhan in…’ checklist:

✔️Cairo, Egypt

✔️Istanbul, Turkey

✔️England, United Kingdom

⚫️Singapore, Singapore (Pending)

⚫️🙊, 🙊 (Pending)

Barely a year away from home and so much have changed – good and bad.


Conversation with Shafa the other day:

Me: You know, I’ve been away from home for less than a year and so many things have changed. I’m not sure to look forward to home or not. I wonder when I get back here (uk) for the remaining duration of my study, what else will happen (in sg) given the fact I have nothing else to lose.

Shafa: Well, things happen.

*exchange the ‘I feel you’ look*


Have you ever wondered what your housing area looks like from a bird’s eye view?

I got curious and looked up on Google Earth and found this.


Just looking at this comforts me.

And yasssss, I live in one of the heart’s perimeter.


Singapore…. I’ll see you real soon In Syaa Allah!

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