Hyde Park Kinda Day

Rewind back to Mid April during Spring….

We just happened to hit Hyde Park on the ‘hottest’ day of the trip. Of all days… Omagash, of all days, London just had to be hawwwt when we were going to the park. Just thinking about it makes me want to melt into a puddle of sweat.


We set our base camp (read: sit and chill) under a big tree.

Tips on spotting asian in a park: They look for shade.

Guys be shirtless and in berms playing Frisbee under the sunlight while there I was, in 2 layers AND under the shade. #FAIL.

As time pass and the sun moves (or earth, whatever, this is not geography class), so does the shadow of the tree. We moved few times (to follow the shadow *rolls eyes*) and finally gave up.

While some of them went around continuing their personal project, Nana and I decided to have some fun.








My personal project with the Cikgu (teacher)…


Yup… We decided to climb a tree ….and we were noisy AND dramatic! Hehe.


But don’t worry, no casualties yaw, cause we


Totally made it.




If the trunk that I’m holding on to on my right arm could speak, it’d say, ‘PLEASE STOP CHOKING ME. I’M NOT BREAKING ANYTIME SOON.’

My left arm was numb cause it felt so vulnerable not holding on to anything in case I slip, fall and my reflexes aren’t fast enough to grab on to anything. Gosh, body parts, have some faith in me!

Barely 10m (I’m exaggerating here) off the ground and so much mixed emotions – God, today’s not a good day for the tree trunk to break, the shoes to lose grip for me to slip and fall, any of the legs to cramp and etc.

In celebrating life that we made it back to the ground again (and alive!),


Ahhhh…. Ground, How I’ve missed you.

Oh oh!

Do you watch Spongebob Squarepants?

I met Sandy.














Almost didn’t recognise her without the helmet, suit and whatnot.

I think she’s working part time looking for acorn. Y’know…summer job.



📷: Indriana / Me.

🌎: Hyde Park, London.

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