That intention tho


Caption from Instagram:
While waiting for someone after terawih yesterday, mostafa atef walked past us. Almost turned into girl band singing ‘Qamarun’ by the open carpark no less (and memalukan masyarakat wanita, while we’re at it). 😎 Malam ni masjid mana pulak!? (Tonight which mosque!?) (Story to be continued on blog)

So! I only knew him a few months prior and his nasheeds really didn’t appeal to my ears until it’s been repeated continuously by my friends when I got here. Unknowingly I started humming to Qamarun’s tune. Ishhh…

Then, while waiting for cab…
Shafa: Can’t believe we saw him.Tak sia-sia datang masjid ni. (Coming to this mosque tonight has not been a wasted trip 🙈)
Me: Ya lor…

In the cab…
Me: Eh, wonder tomorrow which mosque we’re going to and who we’re gonna bump into. *thinks.. After a few second* Eh, Salman al Utaybi recite where ah? Mecca ah?
Shafa: Don’t know. I think so.
Me: Come, let’s go Mecca tomorrow!
Both: *Shrugs and laugh off my rhetorical & impractical statement *.

Perangai macam paham.

Itu niat pergi masjid pergi betulkan please. (Note to self: please fix the intention for going to mosque).

But really, what wouldn’t I give to pray in congregation having imam Sudais, Sheikh Salman or Mufti Menk as the imam.

Actually 1 down. 2 more to go.

How has your Ramadhan been?