Trust Dave

While waiting for my white chocolate cherry cookie to bake, here’s a food post!

As far as my food palette is concerned, I rarely look twice at Indian cuisine. Not even a biryani or curry fan.

When people ask me out for Indian food, I die a little inside and silently (not to mention mentally) go ‘WWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!???’.

My cousin told me once, that I have this “look” on me that I’m open to array of food cuisine. Truth is, I’m a very picky eater. Sushi is not my best friend and I just don’t get the hype.

For some reason, out of places in the world, England just brings out the Indian in me.

One evening, reaching home from school, I was contemplating whether to go out and buy this chicken curry near my place and eat it with prata or just whip something up. By the time I made up my mind to go to the shop, it was already closed (I do take quite some time to decide, don’t I, hehe), so the idea of curry and prata seems like it was out of the window.

But I really, really, wanted curry and prata! It was like, I was possessed by an Indian ghost or something.

So, like any 20th century kids would do, I went to YouTube.

I was mentally prepared to salivate and have something else besides curry and prata for dinner cause I knew that I don’t have Indian ingredients at hand. After a few tabs, scary indian guy holding 1001 spices, Italian chefs and whatnots, I found a manageable recipe without the scary spices.

Curry powder. Check. (Don’t even know when I bought it.)

Lemon. Check.

Onion + Garlic. Check.

etc, etc, etc. Check, check, check.

Tomatoes. Errr… I don’t think so. We should be able to do without it right?


I can’t even remember when I bought them cause my doctor told me that tomatoes can upset my stomach. I don’t even like it, so it was a ‘No problem doctor! I can survive without it in this life, How did I even have this? Homaigawddd ….It must be destiny!’ kinda moment for me.

A little chopping later,


Tadaaaaa…. Chicken curry with (store bought) prata! It tastes like the one I had from the Indian lady, only different texture. Can’t you tell how excited I was? Snap this pic after a bite (or two)…but WHO CARES!!


I added some “Indian Ingredients” that I found in my pantry, like, cumin seed, cinnamon and whatnot.

Saved the remaining curry and had it with rice a few days later, bibimbap style and it was delish!

Hmmm… who knew I have it me?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for the super easy curry recipe. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what life is. *dramaaa*

Sighhh…My ancestors must be so proud of me!

Ouh! My cookie’s baked! Ciao guys. Till next post!

Hope your weekend has been good 🙂

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