Keep calm with second(s)

Assalamualaikum everyone.

May you read this in the best of health (and iman).

Apologies for the lack of update and thank you for still reading this blog. (I’m touched yaww).

Alhamdulillah I’ve submitted my portfolio yesterday (submission is today) because some thing sort of happened back at home, which require my immediate attention, hence the rush.

Time and time I’ve been pushed down to a lower state but I got used to it and got better at brushing em off and just, well, get back on my feet.

However earlier this week, in a matter of few days, bad news after bad news keep hurling towards me (like portfolio submission isn’t enough to drain a person mentally and physically).

It was tough enough to push me to my breaking point but my friend reminded me I’ve been strong and winning battles after battles, so hey, what’s one more to the list right? *prepares hand grenade*

Anywho… I digress.

Today has been a day well spent alone, just calming myself in London.

I went to pick my passport and head back to a new favourite cafe that I was introduced to during my easter break. (Thanks mba Nana!)

I had my usual (French Toast) and I figured, since it’s 5pm, and that’s my first meal, I deserve a second.

I’ve been wanting to try their mint milk and finally I had it with Milo. Hehe.

I know, I know, Milo cereal is errwhere in Singapore but y’know what they say… Nothing beats the taste of home.



Coincidentally in green.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter what time it is, grab a bowl of cereal peeps!

Venue: The Cereal Killer Cafe.
Location: Brick Lane, London.

P.s: I have a lot of overdue posts so you can expect backdated posts coming soon aite!

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