Some Advice

I rarely give advice/tips/know-how cause…. let’s face it… I’m an excellent bad example. Heh.

Last Friday we had a poster pin up for an upcoming exhibition. So, on Thursday, I went to school to print my poster.

Photoshop setting, file type and errthang was set to as high as possible. All I need then, was the printer to co-operate.

Initially the printer guy was not willing to print my file from photoshop as there was quite a queue. I guess cause I mentioned it’s for exhibition and other truthful stuff, he gave in.

Usually, I’d print them matte on a lightweight paper. The quality have always turned out good. But for some reason, it turned out worse than the normal A4 printer.

I was at my wits end. My profound love for matte things is unquestionable. Matte flooring. Matte phone screen protector. Matte laptop. Matte face make up. Those oily/glossy look is so 70s and blasphemous.

Without a doubt I knew I had to reprint my poster but which paper quality and finish should I go for!?

I was so close to go for matte finish on a heavyweight paper but the guy told me that it’d be moot as compared to a glossy finish cause the colours will still won’t be as good. He’s exact words were, “…the colour saturation on glossy paper would work better.” The second he said colour saturation, I was sold.

So, the first time in 100 years, I broke my ‘matte rules’ rule and go with the glossy finish.


Left: matte lightweight. Right: Glossy.

The Glossy paper cost thrice as much as the matte lightweight. As it was so busy and he was just so so kind, he didn’t charge me for the reprint.

Thanks atok! Abang!

But of course, I felt like I did not deserve his kindness that that Friday morning, I got up early and baked him a few of the White Chocolate Cherry cookies.

Went in to the printer room to give it to him. My gawddd.. I was so nervous! I was scared if he’d reject the cookies.

I actually tied the cookie bag with a ribbon but something happened and it was undone leaving an ugly crease.

I went, ‘Hi. Here’s some cookies for you. Wanted to thank you for yesterday. The plastic is a little wet cause I was by the water dispenser and accidents happen.’

At the back of my mind, I was, ‘Please take it. Pleaseeeeee…. Don’t reject these cookiesss. Don’t reject me.’

When he smiled, accept and thanked me, have you guys heard of the phrase ‘Like a huge boulder lifted off your shoulder(?),’ yeah, That’s exactly how I felt.


So here’s my tip, unless its a finish not for a face, use the 3g: Go Glossy Guys!

And of course. Always. ALWAYS be nice to the printer peeps.

The search continues (part 1)

Assalamualaikum! Supp yalls? How you guys be doin?

Putting some face mask now = no glasses = blind as a bat = no runningman on laptop = blogging! ^^v.

Anywhoo! I was walking home from school earlier today while walking through a park there were sooo many dog poo.

I had to be extra alert cause I was texting shafa at the same time.

Then….. This happened:


If anyone wants to be my friend please reach me. I need to let this one go. Bahahahahaha.