Discount Diet

Time check: 2152.

Shoulder hurts like mad. Quick update while waiting for the painkiller to knock me off my feet. ‘sides, waiting for the right time to re-call Syafiqah. Managed to ring her till she answered her phone but there’s high chance she’ll fall back asleep (judging from the time taken to wake her up today), so *Oops, she’s up.* Syafiqah who?

Remember few post back, I mentioned that I’m treating myself to desserts/sweets on weekends only?

Today’s a ‘screw that… what was I thinking!?’ kinda day.

Long story short, carried something so heavy for a long time, cause I couldn’t find a cab, till my limbs hurt particularly my right shoulder.

It wasn’t a 💩-ty day. Just a tough day.

Looked into my humble pantry and fridge, and in its full glory, there they are, a pack of 2 fruit tarts & new york vanilla cheesecake plus viennese biscuits. I just sighed and knew that today is one of those rainy days – if I can’t call a day like this a rainy day, not sure how much worse someone’s day could be before you can call it rainy day – let’s throw everything off the window and dig in. Who needs another 200 years to live!?


Sigh… you sooth me better than a hug.

Trading 50 years for the 2 big fruit tarts, 1 cheesecake, 2 pieces of bread with cookie spread and 3 pieces of biscuit. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CALORIES.

Wish I could show you the pretty fruit tarts but all (yes, all) of it is digesting right now, so… my bad!

I think I’m getting sleepy now. Nanights!

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