Weekend Treats

I’ve been thinking of having another page where I can upload the food that I cook for my reference on days where I’m not inspired and go ‘ Whattueat today.’ While that may be neater, it is also a hassle and I rather have one centralised space for my posts.

So! If you’re like me: Live alone, can’t cook much or risk having food wastage (which I don’t approve), I shall make an effort to post them more frequently here and not preserve them in my phone.

For days where we’re not inspired but want our comfort food but there’s too many of them, you can steal my ideas be inspired (perhaps) through the new category tab: Clumsy Chef.

First post below:


I’m trying to limit my dessert intakes to only weekends cause you know, I intend to live for another 200 years. Gotta make some effort. Heh.

So on Saturday, I made this Cherry White Chocolate cookie which is easy peasy. Where do I begin to tell you how easy it is? Well, we can start with, the first time I saw the recipe video, I memorised the ingredients right away. *winks*



I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s like a party in your mouth!

Recipe here.

Then, cause I felt like I’ve indulged way too much on Saturday, I felt like snacking something savoury for a change. Google really does not help. Cause I ended up with this:




Good thing is that…. It’s vegan. So far all you vegans out there… You can make these babies! I skipped the raspberry compote and used cinnamon sugar (caster sugar + cinnamon) and lemon sugar (icing sugar + a few teaspoon of lemon zest) instead.

Doesn’t get any easier!

Recipe here.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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