Wake us up

The difference living in a four season and non four season country (as a muslim at least) is the prayer times.

Back in SG, the timing is pretty much stable. It stays the same for a few days before changing 1 or 2 minutes earlier/later. What I used to do was, look at the timing and go, ‘Ok, this whole week, I can do this prayer at this timing. Next week, this timing.’

I tried to do the same here but it does not workkkk. Sometimes in a matter of days, the timing can vary by quite a bit.



The struggle, is real.

Fajr: 2.30ish am
Isya: 11ish pm onwards.


Fajr: 6.20-8.30ish am
Isya: latest is 6 pm onwards.

Winter/early spring challenge is the cold.

Spring/Autumn challenge is the earlyness of fajr cause I’m totally not a morning person. I’ve tried being a morning person for a period of time, but then I’ll just give it up and go, ‘Naaa… I’m staying true to myself. Embrace the night person that I am.’ *drama* Heh.

Turns out, my friends have the same problem as me. (Thanks for making me not feel alone guys.)

While the day has started for the peeps in Aussie, the majority population in uk is asleep and vice versa.

What we resort to is using our time difference to everyone’s advantage.


With that… OZ gal went to bed while I carry on with my life watching an old KDrama. Nothing fancy.

Then, at 3.31am SG time, paused the drama and rang Syaf. It was quite good to hear your morning voice! Like a lion’s bawl. Haha *shuts ears and covers face*

Shortly after that…


Like hello, woman, I rang you at 3.31. Even gave you that 1 minute grace. What talking you sister?


She tried calculating our time difference and getting it all mixed up. I told her to just go to bed and stop messing with maths early in the morning.

Stubborn woman is stubborn.


I was telling her that the time difference between Melbourne and Singapore is two hours. Our conversation then went on to the different time zones in Australia.

My cousins in Perth are in the same timezone as Singapore (not too sure about Winter tho). Ergo time difference between the different cities in the same country exist!

After telling her that….


Clearly. The side effects of trying to deduce things in the morning doesn’t work out well.

In the end, she can’t keep up with technology.


Hands up if you have a friend who don’t know that timezone they’re living in!


I need new friends.

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