Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum

Warning: Post is image heavy.

We were given a week to look into 20th-21st century housing all over Europe. As we chose a well-studied project, we decided to play after we’re done with our work.

Play > Project.

2 and a half days in Marseille. 4 days in Paris. Hehe.

Well, we weren’t reaaaally playing per se.


The trick to be a good student is to listen to your teachers, yes?

So, that’s how we ended up in this museum.

Initially we thought that the museum showcases LV items. You know, the first shoes, bags, scarves that were ever made… or something along that line that makes girls eyes go 😍😍.

After queuing for a bit, we entered the museum with high spirits only to find that it’s an arts museum. The kind where the “arts” is just toooooo abstract that I can’t for the life of mine, decipher whaaaat was going on.



Spaceship ahead. The material and height hierarchy is actually quite therapeutic.


That moment when Beyonce is right – to the left, to the left.


‘Aqilah, can you help me take my picture?’

Yesss… *puts bag down*

What were the boys doinggg???? *raise one eyebrow*


Mademoiselle MY X Minah SG.


Garyyy… where are you? Meet me here in 1 hour!

Ok. Serious stuff guys – study time.


Tickets. I have two with me now. No idea whose ticket I took. 😁

One of the exhibition we went into was this dark room filled with process model of the early designing stages of the museum.


Looking into volumes.


Materiality, Transparency and opacity.





One thing I’ve always struggle with is making sketch model. We tend to make “clean and finished” model that the thought of doing a few of them – clean sketch models – just throws me off that I end up keeping them at home making sure nobody (noooo badehhhh) sees it. But! Looking at these, kinda teaches me that there is something about imperfection which is acceptable and that piecing bits and pieces with scotch tape IS OKAY.


It is also OKAY to paste notes and have grubs on the model.



Sectional model.

Ini kerja gilak. (This is crayzay).

I’d like to seat beside the guy/gal who made this with a bag pretzel and watch him/her make this.


Due to the curving of different angle, each panel of glass may require different customisation. That’s what the markings are for. I THINK.


Excuse me while I mop my drool off the ground.

After this exhibition, we went around looking at the artworks. Too fancy for minimalist me.


We stopped by this intervention garden/area to just…. soak in the strong sun.

While we’re at it….


Seriously Gary, where are you… I’m giving you 10 minutes, or else, I’ll look for Rilla!






10 minutes later








Let’s not spoil the day!


Cannot tahan my face.


IMG_6294That’s better.



Name of Museum: Foundation Louis Vuitton.

Location: Paris, France.

Architect: Frank Gehry.

Tickets can actually be pre-booked. It’s actually easier that way cause you can totally beat the queue. I only got to find out about that when we were there but, if you’re planning to visit this place, you can pre-book your tix here.

Yep. You’re welcome.

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