Itchy Fingers

*rubs minyak kapak (ointment) on stiff shoulder*

A month ago, my stiff shoulder was so bad that my tension headache got worse because of it. At that point in time, I was just working from home. Going to uni was only once or twice in the next month or so. I coaxed myself not to go for a massage and in return, I shall go for a proper 3hr spa/massage session in Jakarta or KL during summer break. But alas…… I couldn’t tank it since it’s more than 5 months away and I was just living in so much pain *drama*.

I quickly booked an appointment at the spa near my place for the strongest massage they have – deep tissue massage. Because the pain has been there for a long time, it has “hardened” and has pushed itself deeper in the skin(?) OMG. I don’t know how to say this right. If you have body issues that requires regular massage, you’ll know what I mean. Heh. My masseuse used her elbow to un-knot the stiff rock in my shoulder but no matter how much pressure she applied, I still left the spa with a strained back. *shrugs*

 Anywho! I don’t know about you but I have this habit curiosity of spa/facial rooms. My hands will naturally pick one or two product and I’ll wonder where that product is manufactured from or when is the expiry date of the lotion and stuff. Lame. I know.

This time, I saw a small pot. Almost like a rice cooker.


I opened it. *grins*

A warm steam of air gushed past my face. As my massage slot was towards the closing time of the spa, I was wondering why is the pot not switched off. I know right. So many things to think about in life and that was my concern. >.<

Inside the “rice cooker” was a green goo. Naturally, my fingers got itchy and I put my index finger in. The hotness of the goo caught me off guard and I quickly pull my finger off. It was soooo. sooo. sooo sticky. The first thought that came in the mind was, “WHAT IS THIS KIND OF LIQUID DOING IN A SPA!!??”

Scenes of criminal tv series starts flashing in my mind. You know… those kind where the bad guy has funny stuff and try to hurt you with it. Or those kind of Marvel movies where you turn into a superhero cause of touching or getting prick by things. (Note to self: Go out and socialise more.)

The goo has a consistency of UHU liquid glue. Everytime a blob of liquid glue spills between my fingers, I would just rub them between my fingers and they’ll start to clump together and then fall off. Thinking this funny liquid might be the same as the glue, I rub my fingers together but it only made matter worse!

My thumb, index and middle fingers were stuck together! Forcefully, I quickly separate them. I rushed to the sink to wash the residue off but it wouldn’t get off my fingers! I looked around and saw a facial wash. Pumped a few times and was hoping it’ll work. It doesn’t.

At this point, I started questioning – what on earth is that liquid??? What is it used for!? Seeing the strips of paper by the side, my best bet is it’s was for arm waxing and stuff. *HOMAIGAWDD*

At this point, I was pretty much panicking as 1) The time I’ve been alone in the room has been longer than how long it takes to get dressed. 2) I was afraid the staff might just knock or come in and catch me in a clumsy situation. 3) That damn thing just wouldn’t get off!!

To make matters worse, when I tried wiping it off with a tissue, the tissue caught on the residue on my fingers making them look stranger than it already was. Again, I looked around for anything that I can wash my hands with. At that point, I think if I saw a bottle of bleach or thinner, I wouldn’t mind washing my hands with them cause I was just sooooo desperate. But alas, all I saw was facial scrub. Well, beggars can’t be choosers can they?

I gave myself an ultimatum: If this time it really doesn’t go off, just get dressed and walk off as normal as possible.

So, I squeezed a generous amount and TRY to wash the stubborn thing on my finger off. Good thing is…. the tissue went off. Downside…the residue was still there.


Wipes the finger on the underside of the towel used to cover the massage bed.

Gets dressed with sticky finger.

As I was wrapping my shawl, a few times the fabric would get caught up with the sticky fingers.

My gawddd…. that is one helluva liquid. I think I can use that to replace my UHU’s.

I apologised to the masseuse for taking a long time. I was ready to tell a white lie and say, “Yeah, I’m having a bad hijab day,” if any of the staff questioned me. Thank God none of them asked anything. *YESSS!!!* Quickly made the payment and left.

But, as I left the spa heading home, I realised that I needed a few things from the big Tesco.

That evening, I walked around city centre rubbing the sticky fingers together more rigorously hoping that they’d fall off by the time I get home.

Even as I reached home, the residue was still there.





There were more on the hind side but I shan’t bore you with these imagery. Heh


Quickly snapped this with the phone before leaving. Underneath one of those towel, I’ve left a mark of the stubborn residue! *evil smile*.

Lesson learned: Next time…. DON’T BE NOSY!

But oh wells, that was a month ish ago. Now the pain is back and I have no intention to pop by the spa anytime soon.

So tonight!

Let’s give it up to the brand trusted by generations.






From our grandmothers time






The one and only….








Minyak Kapak. (Ointment).

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