Keep calm with second(s)

Assalamualaikum everyone.

May you read this in the best of health (and iman).

Apologies for the lack of update and thank you for still reading this blog. (I’m touched yaww).

Alhamdulillah I’ve submitted my portfolio yesterday (submission is today) because some thing sort of happened back at home, which require my immediate attention, hence the rush.

Time and time I’ve been pushed down to a lower state but I got used to it and got better at brushing em off and just, well, get back on my feet.

However earlier this week, in a matter of few days, bad news after bad news keep hurling towards me (like portfolio submission isn’t enough to drain a person mentally and physically).

It was tough enough to push me to my breaking point but my friend reminded me I’ve been strong and winning battles after battles, so hey, what’s one more to the list right? *prepares hand grenade*

Anywho… I digress.

Today has been a day well spent alone, just calming myself in London.

I went to pick my passport and head back to a new favourite cafe that I was introduced to during my easter break. (Thanks mba Nana!)

I had my usual (French Toast) and I figured, since it’s 5pm, and that’s my first meal, I deserve a second.

I’ve been wanting to try their mint milk and finally I had it with Milo. Hehe.

I know, I know, Milo cereal is errwhere in Singapore but y’know what they say… Nothing beats the taste of home.



Coincidentally in green.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No matter what time it is, grab a bowl of cereal peeps!

Venue: The Cereal Killer Cafe.
Location: Brick Lane, London.

P.s: I have a lot of overdue posts so you can expect backdated posts coming soon aite!

up for hire

Now that school’s almost over, I’m left with one presentation and portfolio submission, it’s time for me to try to look for a part-time job.

Anyone needs a driver with a van?


This might probably the most honest cv post you’ll ever see.

First things first, I do not have a license nor do I have a van. Can’t be anymore honest than this. *flips shawl*

That doesn’t mean I can’t drive. I drive really well. The Ferrari guy at the arcade always tell me I come in first. See!

Nevertheless, I’m hardworking and punny (get it?) and I think that these traits makes me suitable for any job.

What? You don’t like honesty or humour?

If you’ve found your driver with a van, I hope that guy burps for five minutes straight for stealing my spot, I’m flexible with other positions, plus, I’m fun to work with.

If you’re a typical employer who goes, ‘Why should I hire you?’

This is my answer for you




















Ok no. Kidding. For real. I have an answer to that question.

I need a purple bag.



📷: Elder brother

Location: Brick Lane, London

Giant Baby

When I was a child, tired of being the youngest, I was gifted with a younger sibling.

I wanted a younger sister badly. It was sort of a ‘battle of the sexes’ with my elder brother. At the end of the day, I lost, as that small baby turns out to be my baby brother.

Years later, when I was given more sense, I understood His plan.

Had my younger sibling be a girl, we’ll probably never get along with my rambunctious behaviour and low tolerance of ‘soggy girly behavior’. Haha.

You made me rush home from school everyday cause I really wanted to play with you. Then you crawled. Everything about you is adorable. Your crawl. You running before you walked.

Then came the ‘tantrum three’. My gawdddd…. You were the most spiteful person in the entire world household.

Despite my age, I was fiercer than a discipline headmistress (you made me react that way cause you were so so naughty, oh I was too alright), I ‘fixed’ you every now and then. When I was nice (being my usual self, heh), you were extra scared cause I looked like a different person.

But I think that made our rapport stronger, bahahaha.

Years passed by and I still think you still looked at your best when you were 3-5 years old.

Then, I was so proud to introduce you as my little brother cause you were so so cute and handsome.

Now? Errrr… *cricket*cricket *

Your growth spurt is like you’re on steroids. Don’t worry. I know you’re not. Everywhere I go with you, people tell me you’re handsome. I genuinely think otherwise. Bahahaha. Kidding. Maybe cause I’ve seen you too often la. But I’m still proud of you and always envy your brain.

You’ve grown so big. In fact, you’re the biggest amongst us (your siblings). That’s one of the many things I like about you, cause I can wear my heels and walk beside a tall guy – you – (sorry abang).

Your heart is bigger than your built and I can never unsee that.

I worry for you for so many reasons. I’m sorry for you for so many reasons.

But as long as I’m treading under the same sky as you, I’ll never let anyone bully you. I’ll bully your bully even if you’ll stop me *rolls sleeve*.

Know that we love you and He has our back.

They say boys mature later than girls. So I’ll let the public see this first. When I know you’re ready, I’ll give you the link to this page.

Till then, this is the longest birthday post I’ve ever written and you better feel lucky you’re the first.


You used too fit in my arms so snugly. Now your feet juts out of a king size bed. Sigh…

Still, giant baby, Happy 2015 birthday! 😘😍🎊🎈🎉🎁🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰

You only have few months of peace till I’m home. Savour that few last moments young man!

Some Advice

I rarely give advice/tips/know-how cause…. let’s face it… I’m an excellent bad example. Heh.

Last Friday we had a poster pin up for an upcoming exhibition. So, on Thursday, I went to school to print my poster.

Photoshop setting, file type and errthang was set to as high as possible. All I need then, was the printer to co-operate.

Initially the printer guy was not willing to print my file from photoshop as there was quite a queue. I guess cause I mentioned it’s for exhibition and other truthful stuff, he gave in.

Usually, I’d print them matte on a lightweight paper. The quality have always turned out good. But for some reason, it turned out worse than the normal A4 printer.

I was at my wits end. My profound love for matte things is unquestionable. Matte flooring. Matte phone screen protector. Matte laptop. Matte face make up. Those oily/glossy look is so 70s and blasphemous.

Without a doubt I knew I had to reprint my poster but which paper quality and finish should I go for!?

I was so close to go for matte finish on a heavyweight paper but the guy told me that it’d be moot as compared to a glossy finish cause the colours will still won’t be as good. He’s exact words were, “…the colour saturation on glossy paper would work better.” The second he said colour saturation, I was sold.

So, the first time in 100 years, I broke my ‘matte rules’ rule and go with the glossy finish.


Left: matte lightweight. Right: Glossy.

The Glossy paper cost thrice as much as the matte lightweight. As it was so busy and he was just so so kind, he didn’t charge me for the reprint.

Thanks atok! Abang!

But of course, I felt like I did not deserve his kindness that that Friday morning, I got up early and baked him a few of the White Chocolate Cherry cookies.

Went in to the printer room to give it to him. My gawddd.. I was so nervous! I was scared if he’d reject the cookies.

I actually tied the cookie bag with a ribbon but something happened and it was undone leaving an ugly crease.

I went, ‘Hi. Here’s some cookies for you. Wanted to thank you for yesterday. The plastic is a little wet cause I was by the water dispenser and accidents happen.’

At the back of my mind, I was, ‘Please take it. Pleaseeeeee…. Don’t reject these cookiesss. Don’t reject me.’

When he smiled, accept and thanked me, have you guys heard of the phrase ‘Like a huge boulder lifted off your shoulder(?),’ yeah, That’s exactly how I felt.


So here’s my tip, unless its a finish not for a face, use the 3g: Go Glossy Guys!

And of course. Always. ALWAYS be nice to the printer peeps.

The search continues (part 1)

Assalamualaikum! Supp yalls? How you guys be doin?

Putting some face mask now = no glasses = blind as a bat = no runningman on laptop = blogging! ^^v.

Anywhoo! I was walking home from school earlier today while walking through a park there were sooo many dog poo.

I had to be extra alert cause I was texting shafa at the same time.

Then….. This happened:


If anyone wants to be my friend please reach me. I need to let this one go. Bahahahahaha.