What do I do?

I was harmlessly checking my Instagram notification when I saw:

Your Facebook friend Your Dad* is now on Instagram as Your Dad.

*Name is protected for my own safety.

When I first saw that notification I was like, Woooaahhhh….Ok. As long as you don’t add me.

Ok. No. That’s a lie. My first reaction was: WE’VE GOT TO CHANGE THAT PROFILE PICTUREE!!!(I’m making it mandatory for me to change the profile pic when I get back in SG!)

Then, I saw my friends request list and there it is.

My dad added me.

My first response?

Tell my cousins in our WA group chat.

They’re not replying me cause they’ve forgotten about me they’re having nice dinner together. So here I am. Blabbing here. >.<

The link of this blog is on my IG page. But I hope my dad won’t find this page. We’ll see how long that’ll last aite.

In case. Just in case the dad finds this page…

Hi Daddddd!!! Ssssup? How you doin yo?