True Friendship

As mentioned in the previous post, Shafa and I continued our video chat after “putting Syafiqah to bed.”

One of the many things that we talked about was how I wore my shawl. A few people have asked me how I wrap my shawl and they told me to do a tutorial or pictorial whatnot but hello!! THIS FAYCE!? Tutorial??

Don’t make me laughh…. Cannot make it.

Siang siang wa mintak maaf hor. Nanti screen korang rosak!

So, I took the opportunity to show Shafa how I wore my shawl since we were both online and it’s much easier that way.

It was probably near dinner time so I prepared my food – read: fry fries – before heading back to Shafa.

Midway of the shawl tutorial, I could here the rapid sizzling of my fries.

Nevermind, I told myself. Let’s get this woman sorted first. Potatoes takes a long time to cook anyway.

*Ding! The oven timer went off. Fish is cooked.*

Good. Let’s leave it there first. Settle tutorial first.

*explains to shafa*

Towards the end of the tutorial, I could really. REALLY smell my food and as much as I would love to tell my food to ‘hang on!’ or tell the stove to lower it’s heat by it’s own, I can’t.

Excused myself for a minute with one side of the shawl loosely draping over my shoulder like a soggy spinach to sort my food out.

Shafa > Fries.


My burnt fries.

Sighhh…. the sacrifice I make for my friends…