This post is me against the calendar. Was drafted on March (haha) but it failed to see the light of the world. Anywhoo… Can’t believe May is approaching this week! Where did time go!? 😱😱😱

I Oovoo-ed with Shafa and Syafiqah and it was amazeballs! Honestly, I only knew the existence of Oovoo 4 days before our “date”. Have always been a Skype gal and I don’t like changes. It was a struggle for me switch to Oovoo. But this change is gooood!

If you’re looking for another platform for video chat, give Oovoo a shot! If Aqilah can download it, so can you. Hehe.

Earlier last month, alhamdulillah, I turned a year younger, still 18!

I didn’t expect them to remember my birth date (even hide it on Facebook, so that hopefully no one knows, hehe) but surprisingly they remembered em.

Syafiqah just went, ‘Ok yalls, before anything, let’s sing the birthday song first.’ Member terharu you~~~


Syafiqah: Aussie

Shafa: Singapore

Me: England


At the start of our video conference:

Shafa: Eh, why are you guys covered?? Wait, let me get me shawl!

Syaf: Nooo… I just came back from dinner!
Me: Noooo… I just finished my zohor!

After a while…
Shafa: K, cover yourselves. Photo taking time!

*Syafiqah throws her blanket on her head*

Can alsooo. Heh.


Then.. As usual, there were lots… Loaaadddsss of exchanges of stories and at our 2nd hour of video chatting, we could see Syafiqah dozing off in front of the laptop. Its not attractive ok, woman! Hehe.

Poor girl was so tired. She rushed home from dinner for her two friends who’s timezones are not in her favour. So, Shafa and I kindly let her off the hook to sleep, cause we don’t want to see her start drooling. We love you, but not that much k! Hehe.

After that, Shafa and I continue chatting and when I count back the time we spent seeing each other virtually… It was close to 6 hours. We’re totally gonna be a real chatterbox when we meet…soon In Syaa Allah.

All three of us. 🙂

I guess celebrating your birthday with your friends virtually ain’t thaaaat bad!