Day Trip


I’m not dead. Sorry for the lack of update. I am and will be very. very. VERY busy till end of next week so this is a “heads up” post. Hehe.

I’m with Indriana for Pink Elephant Lab’s workshop (again). I might need to have a personalised hashtag like… #mukacommon (#commonface).

Anywho… This is my current view:


In Brighton like…. NOW. Just a day trip.

Last Sunday we had a group photography session with a guest speaker (will yap about that later on) which was soooo much fun!

Today was just a free and easy day which we go around doing our own thang and applying our new skills.

Can’t wait for final presentation to be over, next Friday. In the meantime, I shall persevere with all the drawings, renderings and editings that needs to be done. *wails*

Have too much on my plate right now. Don’t even have time to do drugs or anything. Haha. Kidding!

I’ll sign off now.  Do come back here in 2 weeks time k!

Please keep me in your prayers and may your affairs be ease always 🙂