What do I do?

I was harmlessly checking my Instagram notification when I saw:

Your Facebook friend Your Dad* is now on Instagram as Your Dad.

*Name is protected for my own safety.

When I first saw that notification I was like, Woooaahhhh….Ok. As long as you don’t add me.

Ok. No. That’s a lie. My first reaction was: WE’VE GOT TO CHANGE THAT PROFILE PICTUREE!!!(I’m making it mandatory for me to change the profile pic when I get back in SG!)

Then, I saw my friends request list and there it is.

My dad added me.

My first response?

Tell my cousins in our WA group chat.

They’re not replying me cause they’ve forgotten about me they’re having nice dinner together. So here I am. Blabbing here. >.<

The link of this blog is on my IG page. But I hope my dad won’t find this page. We’ll see how long that’ll last aite.

In case. Just in case the dad finds this page…

Hi Daddddd!!! Ssssup? How you doin yo?



True Friendship

As mentioned in the previous post, Shafa and I continued our video chat after “putting Syafiqah to bed.”

One of the many things that we talked about was how I wore my shawl. A few people have asked me how I wrap my shawl and they told me to do a tutorial or pictorial whatnot but hello!! THIS FAYCE!? Tutorial??

Don’t make me laughh…. Cannot make it.

Siang siang wa mintak maaf hor. Nanti screen korang rosak!

So, I took the opportunity to show Shafa how I wore my shawl since we were both online and it’s much easier that way.

It was probably near dinner time so I prepared my food – read: fry fries – before heading back to Shafa.

Midway of the shawl tutorial, I could here the rapid sizzling of my fries.

Nevermind, I told myself. Let’s get this woman sorted first. Potatoes takes a long time to cook anyway.

*Ding! The oven timer went off. Fish is cooked.*

Good. Let’s leave it there first. Settle tutorial first.

*explains to shafa*

Towards the end of the tutorial, I could really. REALLY smell my food and as much as I would love to tell my food to ‘hang on!’ or tell the stove to lower it’s heat by it’s own, I can’t.

Excused myself for a minute with one side of the shawl loosely draping over my shoulder like a soggy spinach to sort my food out.

Shafa > Fries.


My burnt fries.

Sighhh…. the sacrifice I make for my friends…





This post is me against the calendar. Was drafted on March (haha) but it failed to see the light of the world. Anywhoo… Can’t believe May is approaching this week! Where did time go!? 😱😱😱

I Oovoo-ed with Shafa and Syafiqah and it was amazeballs! Honestly, I only knew the existence of Oovoo 4 days before our “date”. Have always been a Skype gal and I don’t like changes. It was a struggle for me switch to Oovoo. But this change is gooood!

If you’re looking for another platform for video chat, give Oovoo a shot! If Aqilah can download it, so can you. Hehe.

Earlier last month, alhamdulillah, I turned a year younger, still 18!

I didn’t expect them to remember my birth date (even hide it on Facebook, so that hopefully no one knows, hehe) but surprisingly they remembered em.

Syafiqah just went, ‘Ok yalls, before anything, let’s sing the birthday song first.’ Member terharu you~~~


Syafiqah: Aussie

Shafa: Singapore

Me: England


At the start of our video conference:

Shafa: Eh, why are you guys covered?? Wait, let me get me shawl!

Syaf: Nooo… I just came back from dinner!
Me: Noooo… I just finished my zohor!

After a while…
Shafa: K, cover yourselves. Photo taking time!

*Syafiqah throws her blanket on her head*

Can alsooo. Heh.


Then.. As usual, there were lots… Loaaadddsss of exchanges of stories and at our 2nd hour of video chatting, we could see Syafiqah dozing off in front of the laptop. Its not attractive ok, woman! Hehe.

Poor girl was so tired. She rushed home from dinner for her two friends who’s timezones are not in her favour. So, Shafa and I kindly let her off the hook to sleep, cause we don’t want to see her start drooling. We love you, but not that much k! Hehe.

After that, Shafa and I continue chatting and when I count back the time we spent seeing each other virtually… It was close to 6 hours. We’re totally gonna be a real chatterbox when we meet…soon In Syaa Allah.

All three of us. 🙂

I guess celebrating your birthday with your friends virtually ain’t thaaaat bad!

Done Hibernating

HOKKAY! SO! I’ve been too tired to blog. Hehe. As I finished typing the title for this post, I took a 2 hour nap.

The past three weeks have been emotionally and physically draining. Sleeping became secondary. Project becomes first. Even when I was in London for a week, night time was spent cadding. There were nights with 2-3hours of sleep. 4-5 hours was a luxury!

This week was even more so as by hook or by crook, I had to print my presentation board by Thursday morning to meet my brother in London in the afternoon. The minute I got back, it was a mind prepping session for the next day’s presentation and alhamdulillah, it went well. A liiiittle changes to be made. But nothing I can’t handle.

From Friday till today, I’ve been sleeping for more than 10 hours each night not inclusive of afternoon naps. Probably close to 12 hours. Hehe.

Everytime I wake up, I’ll look at this laptop, this laptop looks at me. I went, ‘Hey! I need to blog!’ My laptop goes, ‘Duh! come ere!’ and then my body reacted the opposite way by pulling the duvet and just succumb to the power of bed and bears continuing sleeping.

But I’m good now. I’m done hibernating. I can definitely go on but tomorrow I’ll be starting my 9-day work placement. So I better stay awake now or I won’t be able to sleep later. Thank God the firm is just a 15 minutes walk from my place. So I better don’t be late! 

I still have a bit to do but this weekend, I REFUSE to touch any software or even my portfolio/working files.

Yesterday was spent unpacking last weeks baggage and cleaning the house. It was so messy that I’ve been tiptoeing from point to point for a week. It was so messy that I had to find a space to pray. It was so messy that every time I come back from outside, before opening the door, I had to remind myself, “Aqilah, remember the state of your house. It’s not robbed or ransacked. It’s YOUR mess. So don’t panic.”

But all is good now. *wide smile*

*oovoo with shafa*

*Ok I’m back*

There’s soooo much to yap about! I’ve even made a list so I won’t forget what I have to post. *grin*

Till next post, here’s a commemorative we-fie with 2 of my classmates:


Duck face Aqilah. Duck face.


Close enough!

Day Trip


I’m not dead. Sorry for the lack of update. I am and will be very. very. VERY busy till end of next week so this is a “heads up” post. Hehe.

I’m with Indriana for Pink Elephant Lab’s workshop (again). I might need to have a personalised hashtag like… #mukacommon (#commonface).

Anywho… This is my current view:


In Brighton like…. NOW. Just a day trip.

Last Sunday we had a group photography session with a guest speaker (will yap about that later on) which was soooo much fun!

Today was just a free and easy day which we go around doing our own thang and applying our new skills.

Can’t wait for final presentation to be over, next Friday. In the meantime, I shall persevere with all the drawings, renderings and editings that needs to be done. *wails*

Have too much on my plate right now. Don’t even have time to do drugs or anything. Haha. Kidding!

I’ll sign off now.  Do come back here in 2 weeks time k!

Please keep me in your prayers and may your affairs be ease always 🙂