Till Autumn

A little upset at myself right now.

I’ve been feeling unwell these past few days, cause I wasn’t sleeping properly.  It’s been dragging on for few days now and I really really really wanna succumb to painkillers since yesterday but gonna hold off till tomorrow.  (Will let you know why soon,  In Syaa Allah).

Anyways, time has officially changed. Literally. I’m referring to the time difference. No metaphors there, haha.

I was so excited by it that I’ve been holding back myself from sleeping since 4pm.

My laptop reminded me that the change will happen at 1am. I was so eager to video the time change on my lappy that it didn’t happen.


Cause I got distracted by running man.

-11:58pm, I got my phone ready to video it.
-Apparently its 1am not 12am. So I continued watching running man.
-12:47, I told myself to get ready. Engrossed with RM.
-12:58, Okay, hold the phone.
-Laptop clock indicates 2am.

Gahhhh… I felt like I just cheated myself. Its like, you’ve robbed your own happiness. In this case, its the case of a cheap thrill. Heh.

So yeah…. mission totally failed.

Prolong my headache and the need to sleep for nothing.

But it’s okay!  *tryna coax myself ere guys* we still have 21 Sept when it’ll change again.


Here’s to 7 hours time difference between UK and SG instead of 8 hours!

Gonna sleep of my pain before blogging more.

Night y’all.


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