Like Parsley

Current mood: Mehh~~

I’m supposed to print my drawings tomorrow for Friday’s Interim Crit, but really, I have no mood nor motivation. Not all drawings are done and bahhhh…

I’m having a pep talk with myself on how I should study hard whilst being abroad and how blessed and lucky I am to be in a position that many others want. At the same time, I’m telling myself that seeking ilm (knowledge) is jihad and this is my battle. To struggle for this jihad will get me pahala and stuff. My jihad now is my want to just lepak (chill) on the bed or watch Running Man or both at the same time vs this Cad drawing. GAHHH!!

I’m in dire need of motivation and I stumble upon this while scrolling down my e-photo album.


The care instruction for Parsley was to water it little but often.

At times, I would not water it for days until I saw that it has dry soil, then, I’ll sprinkle some water on it. If I’m a prison warden, my prisoner would be treated badly, omaigawd! I’m such a meanie.

I remember not watering them for almost a week and they’ve started to wilt. Like, really, reaaalllyyy wilt. Everytime, I pass by the pot, I’ll just take a quick glance and go, “It’s looks so soggy, there’s no point watering it. Not like it’s gonna be fresh and standing strong anymore.” This happened for few days.

It’s either I do not have green fingers or it’s just the nature of the plant that I’ve ‘cared’ for. I remember when buying fresh flowers back at home, I’ll change the water after few days but still, it’ll wilt and die. Remember the since experiment we did in primary/secondary school on growing green beans?? Mine totally died. My maid helped me a lot with that particular experiment, haha, cause it totally blossomed!

But I was just curious and wonder what’ll happen if I water this half dead pot of parsley of mine.

I consistently sprinkle the soil occasionally for few days and I swear, there was a lot of difference. For once, it turned from dark green to fresher green and two, it was definitely structurally stable!

So, the lesson for me from this post is, I should be like a parsley. I should slowly but consistently do my work no matter how bleargh I’m feeling cause if that parsley can make it, so can I!

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